‘Wolverine 3’ Villains And Linked ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ End Credits

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Hugh Jackman is currently working with James Mangold on Wolverine 3 in New Orleans. The comic book movie is the last of Jackman’s role as Logan. Now it has been revealed the villains of this project, according to Heroic Hollywood.

In the past, some roles have been already confirmed. Patrick Stewart is coming back to play Professor Xavier with producer Simon Kinberg mentioning a western tone to the movie.

Gone Girl’s Boyd Holbrook “will be playing an original villain”, according to Nerdist. The role’s describes the antagonist as “relentless, calculating… intense head of security for a global enterprise.”

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Heroic Hollywood speculated this Wolverine 3 villain to be associated with The Hellfire Club. There is also a mention of Reavers taking up arms against Logan. The setting also takes place in the future.

Now entering spoiler territory.

It was reported that X-Men: Apocalypse’s end-credits scene will tease things to come in Wolverine 3. The global enterprise maybe the Essex Corp. which is headed off by Nathaniel Sinister/Mister Sinister.

It was said that the Weapon X facility is taking blood of mutants to create the Reavers. There were also talks of a possible appearance of X-23.

Wolverine 3 is slated to debut on March 3, 2017.



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