Top picks: FF #12 The Human Torch is Back! @JHickman

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How long has Franklin Richards been the most powerful person in the Marvel Universe? In this time has he ever destroyed reality? Has the reader ever seen Franklin go crazy or lay the beat-down on someone or something? I do believe that Jonathan Hickman believes that it’s Franklin Richards time to cause a ruckus!

Can you describe the ruckus?

The ruckus will be an all out slugfest with Galactus the World Eater. It will be very interesting to see how Hickman interprets a fight between Franklin and Galactus. Matt Fraction just had Odin and Galactus fight and concept was too great for humans to comprehend. Hopefully Hickman will not go this route.

This story arc, that starts now could change the Marvel Universe as we know it. Events like this usually result in people dying or coming back from the dead. Johnny Storm just came back, so who do think is going to die?

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FF (2011) #12
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Juan Bobillo

‘ALL HOPE LIES IN DOOM’ Part One The beginning of a 4-part arc that runs parallel with FOREVER in the Fantastic Four. We’ve teased it for years, now find out exactly how Doctor Doom and the Future Foundation will save us all.

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