Tommy Wiseau The Joker

One of the most eccentric personalities in film, Tommy Wiseau is setting his sights to comics channeling his inner crazy showing his audition of the Joker courtesy of Nerdist.

Following the success of James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, the biopic behind the scenes look at the making of Wiseau’s The Room, Wiseau is looking to capitalize at his second or perhaps third chance at fame.

Dressed up as the The Dark Knight version of the clown prince of crime played by the late Heath Ledger, Wiseau delivers some of the character’s most iconic lines from the character in the Christopher Nolan film and Jack Nicholson’s interpretation of the character in 1989 for Tim Burton’s Batman.

Suffice it to say with his distinguishable accent, it doesn’t go as fluid as expected, but he does pull the look off. What do you think of the Wiseau Joker?

SOURCEThe Nerdist
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