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In 1969 Kathy Sartori was hurled into the sea. She survives only to discover that fifty years have passed. Check out what people are saying about THE GIRL IN THE BAY #1! 

The Girl in the Bay #1 is a stellar debut issue, and I’m excited to see how the mystery surrounding Kathy’s ‘death’ develops.”—ROGUES PORTAL

“With haunting artistry and a narrative which keeps the reader guessing, this book is worth becoming emotionally invested if not to learn what is truly behind Kathy’s new path in life but to also learn what happened to her troubled past.” A Rating—THE FANDOM POST

“The art by Corin Howell is beautiful…the art perfectly matches the tone of the story itself.”—SUPER POWERED FANCAST

“Suspenseful and intriguing, The Girl in the Bay #1 will captivate you from the opening panel. J.M. DeMatteis’ story is unique and his character genuine.”—THE BRAZEN BULL

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“The mystery is genuinely enthralling, the character is relatable, and the pacing is spot on. Mystery fans will find a lot to chew on in this debut that shouldn’t be missed.”—SEQUENTIAL PLANET

“Writer J.M. DeMatteis and artist Corin Howell are working in perfect harmony, with every panel as intriguing and complex as each piece of the storyline…”—COMICBOOK.COM

“I am beyond excited to get my hands on more of this series because this debut issue has done its job well by establishing a riveting story.”—COMICS THE GATHERING

“The storytelling is enhanced by Corin Howell artwork that shows off strong expressive faces and gloomy shadows that envelope Kathy as she comes to grips with her world”—EVERYTHING ACTION

“The story is complimented by the lively art, which is especially wonderful on splash pages that are outstanding even without the context of the story…This was an outstanding first issue to what is sure to be a great mystery with plenty of twists and emotion.” – COMIC WATCH

The Girl in The Bay is an intriguing read with a lyrical script and art to match. The narrative flows through the panels and across the pages like the stanzas of a poem. Howell’s artwork is a beautiful accompaniment to DeMatteis’ dialogue. This is an excellent first issue and promises to be an exceptional series.” – MONKEYS FIGHTING ROBOTS

Required Reading: Comics for 2/6/2019—PASTE

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Press Release
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