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Review: The Search For Truth In RELAY #4

After a long break, Relay, from Aftershock Comics, returns to the shelves bringing with it space exploration and complex theological questions. It continues the...

Enter The AGE OF X-MAN!

A world where mutants are no longer feared and hated, rather they are the reigning species. Enter the dream of Nate Grey, enter the AGE OF X-MAN...
Zac Thompson Goes Home With AfterShock's THE REPLACER

Zac Thompson Goes Home With AfterShock Comics’ THE REPLACER

AfterShock Comic announced a new title Tuesday morning with the graphic novel The Replacer written by Zac Thompson with art by Arjuna Susini, described...

A Heartfelt Goodbye To Cable In X-MEN: THE EXTERMINATED

The creative team from Marvel Legacy's Cable series reunite to give the big guy one last sendoff. X-Men: The Exterminated #1 acts as a bridge from Extermination to the upcoming X-Force series, but delivers much more.
Her Infernal Descent

Review: HER INFERNAL DESCENT #1 Puts A Mother Through Dante’s Inferno

Her Infernal Descent #1 is out April 18th from AfterShock Comics, and is written by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson, with art by Kyle...

The New Creative Team Does Wonders For CABLE

A new creative team comes in to give CABLE a much needed kickstart. Not only is this a great issue, but it’s easily one of the best issues for the character in years.
Her Infernal Descent

Exclusive Preview: HER INFERNAL DESCENT Sends A Middle-Aged Mother To Hell

Her Infernal Descent #1 is in stores April 18th, and Monkeys Fighting Robots has a whopping eight-page preview for you courtesy of AfterShock Comics!The...