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Meouch #1 Review

Review: MEOUCH #1 Is Deadpool Meets Rocket Raccoon

Take the cartoony style and unapologetic violence of I Hate Fairyland, add a main character that’s one part Garfield the Cat and two parts...
deadpool skottie young nic klein marvel comics

How Skottie Young’s DEADPOOL Returns Wade To His Roots

Deadpool Volume 1: Mercin' Hard For The Money is out January 2nd, and it's a fresh start for the Merc' With A Mouth, making...
middlewest review image comics

Review: MIDDLEWEST #1 Picks You Up And Blows You Away

Middlewest is a new fantasy, coming-of-age story from Image Comics, one which promises a ton of adventure and mystery for readers. The series is...

Review: DEADPOOL #4 – Wade Wilson Gets Weird In Weirdworld

DEADPOOL #4 by Skottie Young, Scott Hepburn, and Ian Herring brings the Merc With A Mouth back into Weirdworld for a job. And things...

Interview: Skottie Young And Aaron Conley On BULLY WARS

Skottie Young and Aaron Conley, between the two of them, have worked on everything from Deadpool to Rocket and Groot to Little Nemo! Now...

DEADPOOL #1 Announced in Conjunction with Marvel’s ‘Fresh Start’

Wade Wilson will look to regenerate his degenerate ways with a new creative team in Skottie Young and Nic Klein, this summer.The Merc with...

Marvel Announces New EXILES Series

Blink is back and ready to lead an all-new team of ragtag characters, navigating interdimensional adventures, this time in an effort to save the...
Creators Talk Candidly About Image Comics And The Big Two

Creators Talk Candidly About Image Comics And “The Big Two”

MegaCon 2017 in Orlando held an 'Image Comics at 25' panel Friday afternoon with Greg Rucka, Jason Aaron, Howard Chaykin, Scott Young, Gail Simone,...