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Review: WINTER SOLDIER #1 Creates The A-Team

Review: WINTER SOLDIER #1 – Bucky Creates His Own A-Team

Winter Soldier #1 hits your local comic book store on December 5 with a great setup and an over the top cliffhanger.The book is...

Donny Cates Gambles & Wins Again With DOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION

Hot-shot writer Donny Cates teams up with Nick Spencer and Rod Reis for Doctor Strange: Damnation #1. Cates has been taking gambles with characters...

‘All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy’ #12 A Stunning, Must-Read Comic

All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #12 finds the team back on Earth, much to Rocket's chagrin. Writer Gerry Duggan hinted recently that the team would...

“U.S. Avengers” Variant Covers Have An Avenger for Each State

Beginning next year, the Avengers are spreading out across all 50 states in the new title U.S. Avengers from Marvel. To celebrate, Marvel will launch the series with...