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Interview with OUTCAST Creator Robert Kirkman and Producer Chris Black

Outcast, Cinemax's suspense-horror series returned with the first episode of its sophomore season on July 20th.  We sat down with Chris Black (executive producer)...
Kyle and Giles Outcast

Why You Should Catch Up on OUTCAST in Time for the...

If you didn't watch the fantastic first season of Outcast, there's still time to rectify things. It's available in solid (DVD) form and digitally,...

Celebrate THE WALKING DEAD DAY with TWD #1 15th Anniversary Variant

Just when you thought The Walking Dead couldn’t garner any more accolades, Image Comics, in conjunction with Skybound Entertainment, has announced that October 13...
Review: THE WALKING DEAD #178 Family Dynamics Pushed To The Brink

Review: THE WALKING DEAD #178 – Family Dynamics Pushed To The...

Issue 178 of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman was fascinating to break down as you had three family dynamics working throughout the story.
Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri's Creation, STELLAR Comes To Life Thanks To Joseph Keatinge And Bret Blevins

Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri’s Creation, STELLAR Comes To Life Thanks...

Skybound announced Monday afternoon Stellar created by Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri will become an ongoing series in June.Joseph Keatinge will write the book, with art by Bret Blevins, and letters by Rus Wooten.

Review: THE WALKING DEAD #177 – Enter The Tropes That Bring...

The Walking Dead #177 hits your local comic book store today, and with it comes the introduction of the characters that will bring down the Commonwealth as ‘The New World Order’ reaches its midway point.
Oblivion Song

Review: OBLIVION SONG Is Kirkman’s Emotional Ride Of Regret And Angst

Robert Kirkman has made a living out of putting average people in extraordinary environments and then punching you in the gut with emotion, his latest project Oblivion Song continues the trend.
THE WALKING DEAD: Can Carl Still Survive?

THE WALKING DEAD: Can Carl Still Survive?

There is a theory that has been circulating the internet for years that Carl Grimes or even Judith his little sister are the cure to the zombie apocalypse that plagues The Walking Dead Universe.

A Door Closes, Another Opens: INVINCIBLE Cinematic Universe Coming

Bad news, Invincible has come to an end. Good news, it is going to be a movie!The dynamic duo of the deranged and macabre...
Spoiler Alert: The Fate Of THE WALKING DEAD's Carl Grimes Revealed

Spoiler Alert: The Fate Of THE WALKING DEAD’s Carl Grimes Revealed

The Walking Dead returns on February 25 with episode nine titled 'Honor.' The episode will be a Carl driven, picking up where mid-season finale left off after the fight with Negan and the Saviors that forced Rick and his crew to hide out in the sewers.
Robert Kirkman Addresses Who Will Take Over When Rick Dies

Robert Kirkman Addresses Who Will Take Over When Rick Dies

Recently Robert Kirkman Creator of The Walking Dead comics and TV Show was asked on a Q&A panel aboard The Walker Stalker cruise if Rick Grimes will ever die, “Yeah, of course,” said Kirkman.
Robert Kirkman Interview

OBLIVION SONG: Robert Kirkman Educates Us On Monster Designs Of His...

In Oblivion Song Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici create an apocalyptic hellscape full of new and unique monsters.Kirkman spoke with Monkeys fighting Robots on Monday about the creative process of monster design, and how he works with his co-creator De Felici.
Review: The Walking Dead #176

Review: THE WALKING DEAD #176 – The Emotional Tension Runs High

The Walking Dead #176 out this week, handles the previous issue's cliffhanger and lets it stew for 22-pages to build a taut emotional ride, that begs for more pages.
Robert Kirkman Interview

OBLIVION SONG: Robert Kirkman On What Makes Compelling Science Fiction

Oblivion Song from Image Comics and Skybound hits your local comic book store on March 7, and the creator of the series, Robert Kirkman is in the middle of a press tour promoting the book.
Oblivion Song

Interview: Robert Kirkman Talks About His New Series OBLIVION SONG

The creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman has a new ongoing comic book series hitting your local comic book store on March 7, Oblivion Song from Image Comics and Skybound.

Three Upcoming IMAGE COMICS Titles You Need in Your Pull

We are sadly losing Black Science this year, with the presumed final issue coming at No. 40. Though, with loss, springs new life, as...

Image Comics’ BIRTHRIGHT to be Adapted as Feature Film

That’s right, the another awesome Image Comics graphic novel will be adapted, this time for movie theaters, as Skybound Entertainment and Universal Pictures have...
The Walking Dead movie

THE WALKING DEAD Has A New Showrunner, Scott M. Gimple Out...

AMC made the obvious announcement today; The Walking Dead would return for a ninth season. The surprise is the series will get its first...

Fight Off Walkers with Augmented Reality TWD Wine Labels

Wine and augmented reality ‘walkers’ make for the perfect pairing. That is why Skybound Entertainment and Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) are partnering up to...
REVIEW: The Walking Dead #175 - Kirkman Sends The Universe In A New Direction

Review: THE WALKING DEAD #175 – Kirkman Sends The Universe In...

The Walking Dead #175 is a landmark issue as Kirkman introduces a new status quo and smacks you in the face with new information about a fan-favorite character.