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Comic Books Monkeys fighting robots

Monkeys Fighting Robots Now Exclusively Covering Comics

Starting in 2019, Monkeys Fighting Robots will shed our film and TV coverage, and focus exclusively on comics.Comics is a unique, rich, and diverse...
Stranger Things #4 cover

STRANGER THINGS #4 – The Lingering Effects of Depression

Fans of the Stranger Things franchise across the globe have been enjoying Dark Horse's recent series of the same name. The art and story...

Trailer Reaction: VENOM is Another Soulless Cheap Cash Grab

As a fan of both Tom Hardy and Venom, there’s lot of fun to be had when the official trailer was released, but to...

‘Cars 3’ Review: Pixar Pits Generation X vs Millennials

'Cars 3' Feels Like An Older Generation's Fear of the Future I’m seeing this debate a lot within various sports communities. An older generation fears...
Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Is Valentina Destined To Be Miss Congeniality Or...

Being The Fan-Favorite Of Drag Race Season 9 Could Hurt Valentina Every season of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' has a favorite that fans get behind. Sometimes...
Suicide Squad

Review: How Does ‘Suicide Squad’ Stack Up Against ‘Batman v Superman’?

The Third Major DCEU Film Was Just Released! How Does Suicide Squad Compare To Its Peers? 'Suicide Squad' had a very tough task. Not only...
Horror Films

Why Are Supernatural Horror Films Like ‘Lights Out’ So Popular?

Horror Films Come In All Shapes And Sizes But We Just Keep Getting Supernatural Jump Scares Horror works in trends. We get one concept that runs...
kanye west famous video

Kanye West “Famous”: Perfectly Exposes Celebrity Obsessed Culture

Controversial Kanye West Attacks Viewers With His Latest Work From 'The Life Of Pablo' Seems like every time Kanye West does something, America loves to...

Horror vs Thriller: Blurring The Line Between Genres

What Makes Horror Movies Different From Thriller Films? Horror means to “horrify” audiences where a thriller attempts to “thrill”. Viewers see a difference between the...
Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder: America’s Most Hated Director

From Zombies To Superheroes, We Look At How Zack Snyder Became Fanboy Public Enemy #1. Film director Zack Snyder has been working in Hollywood since...