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dan didio walmart

Dan DiDio On DC’s Walmart Exclusive Comics

In light of recent rumors suggesting that the Walmart-exclusive line of DC Comics 100-Page Giants could be nearing its end, Co-Publisher Dan Didio took...
mister miracle 12 dc comics review

Farewell, MISTER MIRACLE, And Thank You: A (Spoiler-Free) Retrospective

Mister Miracle #12 is out today, bringing the Eisner-winning series to a close.There will be no spoilers in this article. In fact, instead of...
Doom Patrol

Review: DOOM PATROL #12 Rolls A D20 and Comes Up With...

Doom Patrol #12 jumps into the fantasy genre and continues to explore issues about family as well as the power of storytelling itself in an issue...
batman walmart bendis

Review: Bendis And Derington’s BATMAN Is A Classic Detective Story

Batman Giant #3 is in Walmarts this weekend, featuring the debut of Brian Michael Bendis and Nick Derington's 12-part story.After attempting to foil a...
Doom Patrol

Review: Holy $#!+ DOOM PATROL Is Back With All Its Unique...

DC Comics/Young Animal's Doom Patrol #10, by Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Nick Fowler, Tamara Bonvillain and Todd Klein returns after a brief hiatus to...
Mister Miracle

DC Comics Exclusive Preview: MISTER MIRACLE #5

Mister Miracle #5 hits stores 12/13, and Monkeys Fighting Robots has your exclusive first-look at the book courtesy of DC Comics.The series is written...