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10 Lost Anime Which Need The VOLTRON Treatment: An Anime Abstract

After the overwhelming success of the Netflix original series, Voltron: Legendary Defender, the importance of a show having a good revival has become apparent....
Luke Cage

Interview: LUKE CAGE Star Gabrielle Dennis Confirms Nightshade For Season 3

Monkeys Fighting Robots chatted with Gabrielle Dennis who plays Tilda Dillard (daughter of Mariah Dillard played by Alfre Woodard) in Netflix's Luke Cage. Dennis confirmed to us- who the villain for season 3 will be, her character's motivation, whether season 2 makes up for season 1, Tilda's journey, what the focus of season 2 truly is, and what it's like to work with the great Alfre Woodard.

MTV Relaunches MTV Studios With DARIA and AEON FLUX Reboots On...

MTV appears to be going back to its roots by announcing the relaunch of MTV Studios in attempt to recapture the magic of some their more popular programming.
composer-american animals-netflix

INTERVIEW: Composer Anne Nikitin And The Sounds Of AMERICAN ANIMALS

Composer Anne Nikitin's filmography is a long list of fascinating documentaries where she’s applied her musical skills to draw out the emotions hidden within...

Disney Offers $71.3 Billion For 21st Century Fox

 Mickey Mouse is ready to make an offer, and it's a big one. A really big one.Disney has made a bid of $71.3 billion in...
luke cage-marvel-netflix-costume

INTERVIEW: Costume Designer Stephanie Maslansky Makes Marvel Look Good

From Daredevil to Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Defenders, costume designer Stephanie Maslansky is responsible for the sleek styles of our favorite Marvel...
The Walking Dead season 1 Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal Returns to THE WALKING DEAD for Season 9

AMC is looking to revisit The Walking Dead’s roots bringing back Jon Bernthal for an appearance in the latest season of show.Bernthal played Shane,...

Netflix Saves LUCIFER from Fox after Cancellation for Season 4

Seems like there’s more value in Fox’s cancelled shows as Lucifer is the latest castoff to be picked up by another network.Netflix will pick...

‘G.L.O.W.’s Second Season Amps Up The Action

The second season of Netflix's wrestling comedy G.L.O.W. capitalizes on the potential of what the first season brought to the ring.G.L.O.W, the series based on the...

TRANSFORMERS: 10 Directors Who Should Make the Reboot

Paramount has announced that it has pulled the sixth Transformers movie from their schedule, and the studio is already rumored to be eyeing the reboot button....

Review – VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER Season 6 Goes For The Kill

The highly popular Netflix animated series created by Dreamworks Animation, Voltron: Legendary Defender is back for a 6th season this week. The previous season focused more on Lotor, the son of the team’s worst enemy and seemed to not give the Voltron team as much attention. Does this season follow suit?
Luke Cage

Review: LUKE CAGE Season 2 Sets The Standard For Other Marvel...

Outstanding performances from the cast plus a well-crafted narrative which weaves in themes that are both compelling and socially relevant reaffirm that Luke Cage is Marvel's best television show.
Luke Cage Season 2 Mariah Dillard Alfre Woodard

Latest LUKE CAGE Trailer Shows Mariah Dillard’s Plans for Harlem

The latest trailer for Luke Cage reveals Mariah Dillard’s (Alfre Woodard) plans for Harlem as she plans to rule as its queen.https://youtu.be/O8cI8SHLaLQIn the opening,...
composer-dear white people-kris bowers

INTERVIEW: DEAR WHITE PEOPLE Composer Kris Bowers Was Born To Play...

Musician Kris Bowers is a jazz pianist with an impressive list of credits including working with some mega-stars and creating the musical landscapes for...

STRANGER THINGS Books Coming to Shelves this Fall

Coming soon to a coffee table near you, via the Penguin Random House publishing company, books based on the hit-Netflix series, Stranger Things!Eleven, Mike,...
The Magic Order

Review: THE MAGIC ORDER Is The Modern Fantasy Comic You Have...

The Magic Order #1 from Mark Millar, Oliver Coipel, and Dave Stewart launches the Millarworld/Netflix collaboration with excellent world-building, GORGEOUS art, and breakneck pacing. The...
First Man

The Trailer For FIRST MAN Is A Sight To Behold

On Friday, Universal announced via social media that the trailer for First Man was going to be released in conjunction with the film's star, Ryan Gosling's appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.
Mystery Science Theater 3000

We Got Comic Sign! MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE 3000 Comic Is Coming

After the announcement of a 12th season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on a Netflix and a live tour featuring original show creator Joel...

The SENSE8 Special Finale Looms: Predictions For The End

On June 8, just over a year since its cancellation and then the abrupt revival, the Sense8 special finale is coming to Netflix. After two jaw-dropping seasons of unraveling mystery, will a two-hour special be enough to wrap up the loose ends and bring closure to all eight sensates?
darth maul

Solo: 6 More Star Wars Spinoffs Lucasfilm Needs to Start Developing

After Solo, Lucasfilm may be working on several different Star Wars spinoffs, but here are a few more the studio should consider adding to its queue.

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