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Episode 158: DAREDEVIL Showrunner Erik Oleson Interview

Episode 158: DAREDEVIL Showrunner Erik Oleson Interview

Welcome to the 158 episode of the Monkeys Fighting Robots podcast, this week we review the first six episodes of DAREDEVIL Season 3, and...
Unstoppable Wasp #1

Review: UNSTOPPABLE WASP #1 is a Solid (if Predictable) Relaunch

Nadia Pym returns in The Unstoppable Wasp #1, an all-new series from Marvel. The book feels like a decent jumping-on point for new readers....
What If? Punisher #1

Review: WHAT IF? PUNISHER #1 Pushes Peter Parker Over the Edge

We all know the story how Peter learned that fundamental lesson about power and responsibility. But, what if he decided to take it in...
VENOM #7 Review: A Tonal Shift

VENOM #7 Review: A Tonal Shift

The first story arc of the Donny Cates led Venom series ended with Eddie Brock and the Symbiote burned to a crisp, but the...


The follow-up event to Dan Slott's epic Spider-Verse gets underway. Christos Gage's Spider-Geddon bursts out of the gate slinging plenty of webs.

Peter & Fred Become BFFs In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7

Peter Parker's supervillain roommate from hell earns himself a bit of trust and friendship. Amazing Spider-Man #7 continues the comedic chaos from last issue and develops Boomerang even further.
NYCC • Marvel Comics: NEXT BIG THING Panel Recap With Crazy Q&A

NYCC • Marvel Comics: NEXT BIG THING Panel Recap With Crazy...

Marvel Comics held its Next Big Thing Panel Saturday afternoon at the Javits Center during New York Comic Con with host Editor-in-Chief CB Cebulski...
NYCC • Marvel Comic: SPIDER-MAN PANEL Recap With Crazy Q&A

NYCC • Marvel Comics: SPIDER-MAN PANEL Recap With Crazy Q&A

Marvel Comics held its Spider-Man Panel Friday night at the Javits Center at New York Comic Con with host Nick Lowe, Editor at Marvel....
Review: THE SUPERIOR OCTOPUS #1 - Dumbfoundingly Awesome!

Review: THE SUPERIOR OCTOPUS #1 – Dumbfoundingly Awesome!

There is no way The Superior Octopus #1 should be any good. The character is a spin-off of a spin-off, clones are involved, the...
Chris Evans Captain America

Chris Evans Hangs Up the Shield

After eight years as one of Earth’s mightiest heroes, it looks like Chris Evans is stepping down as Captain America. At least, that’s the...
Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man

Review: TYPHOID FEVER: SPIDER MAN Takes Us On a Chaotic Ride

Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man sees the return of one of Marvel’s most dangerous mutants in a delirious, dreamy new story.This is the first in a three-issue...
Black Panther #4 Cover

Review: BLACK PANTHER #4 Pulls Us Deeper into the Intergalactic Empire

The story of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda continues its gradual unfold in Black Panther #4. Ta-Nehisi Coates and Daniel Acuna give us a...

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #6 Delivers All-Time Great Spidey Moment

Writer Nick Spencer takes a break from his usual Amazing Spider-Man collaborator and enlists longtime Spidey artist Humberto Ramos. The resulting issue delivers an all-time great comedic Spidey moment in a flat-out hilarious issue.
Image via Starwars.com, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Lucasfilm and Disney Studios


New Star Wars movies are on the backburner but Lucasfilm, Disney, and Marvel Comics are pumping out books and comics like they’re hotcakes. In...
Review VENOM #6: Cates And Stegman Go Full McFarlane On Us

Review: VENOM #6 – Cates And Stegman Go Full Todd McFarlane

Venom #6 hits your local comic book store this week with Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman delivering 90s insanity with the flair of modern...


Our favorite adamantium-bonded mutant is finally back, and in spectacular fashion. Return Of Wolverine #1 explodes and satisfies, completely drenched in blood.
marvel epic collection fury of iron fist

Read Before You Watch: “The Fury Of IRON FIST”

Marvel Comics has released a second printing of Iron Fist Epic Collection Volume 1, "The Fury of Iron Fist", chronicling the kung fu superhero's earliest...
strange tales complete collection human torch thing

STRANGE TALES Delivers Classic Human Torch and Thing Action

Marvel has released a Strange Tales Complete Collection, chronicling the Silver Age exploits of the Human Torch and Thing.After the popularity of the Fantastic Four magazine, Stan...
Venom planet of the symbiotes marvel comics

Read It Before You See VENOM – “Planet of the Symbiotes”

Marvel has finally put out a "Planet of the Symbiotes" collection after 23 years, and it's essential reading before you see the Venom movie.When Eddie...
daredevil guardian devil kevin smith marvel knights


Marvel Knights is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and Marvel is rolling out brand new collections of the imprint's greatest hits, like Daredevil: Guardian Devil.When his...