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Meet the Skrulls #2

Review: MEET THE SKRULLS #2 is Masterful Storytelling

The Warner family advances their plans for conquest of Earth in Meet the Skrulls #2. This latest issue takes everything that worked in the...
Invaders #1

[Review] INVADERS #1 Opens a Complex Story of Friendship and Trauma

With Invaders #1, Marvel harkens back to its legacy of World War II-era characters including Captain America, Namor, and others. Brought forward into the...
Avengers Endgame reprint comics

Marvel Comics Announces AVENGERS: ENDGAME Tie-Ins

With Marvel’s cinematic universe building toward April’s Avengers: Endgame, the comics arm of the company is about to join the party. Marvel will be...
The Life of Captain Marvel #5

[Review] THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #5 is a Masterpiece

I can’t decide whether I’m lucky or unlucky to review The Life of Captain Marvel #5. I went in with high expectations for the...
Spider-Geddon #5

[Review] SPIDER-GEDDON #5 is a Frantic, Yet Fitting Finale

Spider-Geddon #5 presents the culmination of the year’s big Spider-event. The Inheritors and the Spider-army faceoff for a climactic battle, with ramifications that will...
Official Poster

Netflix Cancels Marvel’s Luke Cage After Two Seasons

Sweet Christmas! Can it be true?Has another great show been given the axe?Unfortunately, that is the case for Marvel's Luke Cage.According to reports, Netflix has...
Chris Evans Captain America

Chris Evans Hangs Up the Shield

After eight years as one of Earth’s mightiest heroes, it looks like Chris Evans is stepping down as Captain America. At least, that’s the...

Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb Discusses Futures of IRON FIST And THE...

Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb is preparing to enter the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on TV, but the picture may not...

Why A She-Hulk Series Would Be Great For The Disney Streaming...

As Marvel-Disney has another great year, fans are reeling from the shock of Marvel's plans for new streaming shows. Instead of Netflix, this will closely...
Allan Heinberg Marvel ABC

Allan Heinberg to Pen ABC Marvel TV Female Superhero Series

Allan Heinberg, who helped write DC Extended Universe film Wonder Woman, has another live action projected lined up for Marvel to bring more female...
Marvel Cinematic Universe

Loki, Scarlet Witch And More Marvel Characters Getting TV Shows On...

Disney's highly-anticipated streaming service will reportedly include TV shows for MCU characters like Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and more.
Captain Marvel

‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’ Trailer Review: Will This Be Another Hit For...

Listen to Kieran's review of the highly-anticipated Captain Marvel trailer.
Captain Marvelvideo

Explosive First ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’ Trailer Released

Marvel Studios has released the first trailer for Captain Marvel.
infinity wars


Infinity Wars #3 is out today from Marvel Comics, introducing the "Infinity Warps" and throwing the Marvel Universe in disarray once again.

Rumor: Guy Ritchie Attached to Direct an MCU Movie

There isn't a day that goes by when there is some sort of news regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Ain't it Cool News...

Review VENOM: FIRST HOST #2 – The Game Is Afoot

Venom: First Host #2 (of 5) is out this week, and the weekly series rebounded strongly after a sluggish start.Mike Costa expanded the story...

10 New ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’ Images Reveal Jude Law, The Skrulls And...

After debuting the first look at Brie Larson as Carol Danvers aka. Captain Marvel in the next instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Entertainment...
Captain Marvel

First Look At Brie Larson In ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’ Released

Brie Larson just teamed-up with Entertainment Weekly to reveal the very first look at Marvel Studios' next blockbuster, Captain Marvel.
Review VENOM: FIRST HOST #1 - Could Be The Next GUARDIANS Movie

Review: VENOM: FIRST HOST #1 Could Be The Next GUARDIANS Movie

As average a character as Eddie Brock is, you forget how cosmic the symbiote is. This is a plot point Mike Costa and Mark...
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Is Aquaman The Hero To Save The DC Extended Universe?

Warner Bros. and DC's upcoming Aquaman may decide the fate of the entire DC universe.