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Wonder Twins #2 Review

Review: WONDER TWINS #2 and the League of Annoyance

In the DC Universe, Doctor Manhattan is meddling with the timeline, heroes are being murdered while in a mental health facility, and the grimmest...
second coming comic

SECOND COMING Rises Again at AHOY Comics

Mark Russell and Richard Pace's controversial Jesus-centric series Second Coming has found a new home at AHOY Comics. After being cancelled by DC/Vertigo last...
Red Sonja #2

Review: There’s a New Queen in Town with RED SONJA #2

Red Sonja #2 continues the new adventures of everyone’s favorite redhead barbarian warrior with great action, quality artwork, and even some understated comedy.Now the...
dc second coming


DC Comics has cancelled the Vertigo comic Second Coming ahead of its planned March release. Written by Mark Russell and illustrated by Richard Pace,...

Review: ‘Flintstones’ #10 Is The Perfect Mix Of Drama And Comedy

Bedrock is in ruins and its citizens believe their mayor, Clod the Destroyer, is to blame! Meanwhile, Bamm-Bamm develops his first crush. Can his...
Suicide Squad Banana Splits Feature Image

‘Suicide Squad/Banana Splits’ Annual #1: Unlikely Partners in Strange Times

I never thought in my entire life I would ever see the Suicide Squad teaming up with the Banana Splits. Now for more than...
Booster Gold/Flintstones

Review: 11 Reasons That Make ‘Booster Gold/Flintstones’ A Funny, Clever, And...

Booster Gold/Flintstones #1  “Booster Trouble” Written by: Mark Russell Art by: Rick Leonardi Inks by: Scott Hana Colors by: Steve Buccellato Letters by: Dave Sharpe Cover by: Mike and Laura Allred Today...

Review: ‘Flintstones’ #7: The Best Surprise Of 2016 Continues

The Great Gazoo is working on his report card for the human race, and so far humanity has earned a big fat “F.” When...

Review: ‘The Flintstones’ #1 Is An Unexpectedly Enjoyable Read

The Flintstones has been an enduring classic of American pop culture since its debut in 1960. Its theme song is still as catchy and memorable as when...