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DD annual 1-Cov

DAREDEVIL ANNUAL #1 Review: When Misty Met Murdock

Pre-bionic arm Misty Knight, Hydra’s mutant genetic hormone, and a tale of respect in this week’s DAREDEVIL ANNUAL #1 as Erica Schultz makes her debut with...
AfterShock Comics’ June Solicitations

AfterShock Comics’ June 2018 Solicitations

AfterShock Comics released its solicits for June Tuesday evening. The highlights include Babyteeth Vol. 2 trade, The Lost City Explorers #1, and A Walk...

Zack Kaplan Brings His Talents To AfterShock With LOST CITY EXPLORERS...

AfterShock announced Tuesday morning Zack Kaplan’s first book with the comic book publisher, Lost City Explores #1 will hit your local comic book store in June.
The Terrifics

Review: THE TERRIFICS #1 – Plastic Man Steals The Show In...

DC's "New Age of Heroes" initiative continues this week with The Terrifics by Ivan Reis and Jeff Lemire. Lemire has stated that their goal is...
Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan #1 Review: A New Wolverine is Here

In the future the world is separated. Lands controlled by villains. Villains who ganged together and massacred many of the strongest and greatest of...

Our Underwear #8 – TUESDAY? But that’s TONIGHT (Tonight… tonight… tnit…)

Part 1 - Been a long time since I rock and rolled Orchid #1 "Story": Tom Morello Art: Scott Hepburn Colors: Dan Jackson Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot (which...