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RETURN OF WOLVERINE #2 Debuts The “Hot Claws”

Writer Charles Soule continues his epic story bringing our classic Logan back into the scheme of things with Return Of Wolverine #2. This issue really heats up in the claw department, but not there's not much else going on.
redemption-brandon roberts-composer

INTERVIEW: Brandon Roberts And How To Make Music With WWII Artillery...

Composer Brandon Roberts makes music for a wide range of projects that include films like Logan and A Quiet Place, as well as TV...


Our favorite adamantium-bonded mutant is finally back, and in spectacular fashion. Return Of Wolverine #1 explodes and satisfies, completely drenched in blood.
Boba Fett

James Mangold to Write & Direct BOBA FETT Spinoff Film

A Boba Fett spinoff film is in the works with Logan director James Mangold writing and directing the project, per The Hollywood Reporter.Fett was...

Ranking FOX’s X-Men Cinematic Universe from X-MEN to DEADPOOL 2

FOX’s X-Men Cinematic Universe spanned 11 films starting from 2000’s X-Men and 2018’s Deadpool 2.While most of the films had Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine/Logan anchoring...
X-Men Apocalypse Deadpool

12 Superhero Origin Films Surpassed By Their Sequels

If there's one thing audiences love more than an amazing superhero origin story, it's a sequel that can improve upon it. Here are 12 superhero films bested by their follow-ups.
Deadpool Logan Wolverine

Can Ryan Reynolds Recruit Reluctant Hugh Jackman for Deadpool/Wolverine Film?

Hugh Jackman on more than one occasion said Logan would be his final portrayal of Wolverine, but that hasn’t stopped Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds...

The Search For Logan Begins In HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE begins our search through the 616 for our beloved Logan. Charles Soule and a killer team of artists get us started on the right foot.

From BLADE to BLACK PANTHER: The Best Superhero Movies of the...

Twenty years have passed since Blade kicked off the modern age of superhero movies. Here are the best we've gotten since then.

McFarlane Building Hype for Upcoming SPAWN Reboot

When Spawn (Image Comics) creator Todd McFarlane announced in July of 2017 that he would both write and direct the 2019 reboot, fans of...

Top 5 Comic Book Films of 2017 – LOGAN Places High,...

2017 was an incredible year for cinema in general, but particularly the comic book side of things. There were a total of seven comic...

Amazing X-MEN Collection Garners Guinness World Record

It took 28 years of collecting over 15,000 individual pieces, but Eric Jaskolka, of Des Moines, Iowa, now holds the record for ‘Largest Collection...

THE TOP 15 MOVIES OF 2017 (From ‘Girls Trip’ To ‘The...

As we approach the end of the year, it's time to rank the top movies of 2017. Although 2017 has lacked one title that has been considered the runaway favorite by most critics; the quality and diversity of titles have been outstanding. In the interest of full disclosure, we have yet to screen 'Phantom Thread,' and I reserve the right to adjust the list down the road.
2017 Comic Book Movies Ranked

Ranking: What Was The Best Comic Book Movie Of 2017?

Looking at the incredible films we've seen over the past twelve months, it would be reasonable and logical to crown 2017 the best year...
2017 Monkeys Fighting Robots Awards (Comics, Film, TV)

2017 Monkeys Fighting Robots Awards (Comics, Film, TV)

Welcome to the first annual Monkeys Fighting Robots Awards, celebrating the best of the best of 2017 in the worlds of comic books, film, and television.
Oscars 2018

Oscars 2018: Predicting the Screenplay Nominations

Awards season is here, it's upon us, inundating us with #takes and hopeful movies that will ascend and descend on the oddsmaker's charts for...
Laura Kinney

Why I Don’t Like The Idea Of A ‘Logan’ Spinoff About...

Earlier today it was revealed that James Mangold is working with 20th Century Fox to produce a Logan spinoff film revolving around Dafne Keene's...
Logan Laura Spinoff

‘Logan’ Writer and Producer Developing ‘Laura’ Spinoff

The production team behind Logan might not be done yet. According to Hollywood Reporter, director James Mangold and producer Hutch Parker are working on the...
Hugh Jackman in Logan

Why ‘Logan’ Could Be the First Big Superhero Awards Contender

After 17 years, Fox's X-Men franchise is perhaps in its most creatively fruitful stage. Despite the underwhelming reception to X-Men: Apocalypse, the series contributed...
Marvel Legacy

SPOILER: Marvel Legacy’s Big Return Has Been Revealed

MARVEL LEGACY SPOILER ALERT!!!!SERIOUSLY READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!5...4...3...2...1...Okay, folks, it looks like Marvel Comics have once again spoiled one of their stories just...