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Female Furies #1

[Review] FEMALE FURIES #1 Aims to Smash the Apokoliptian Patriarchy

Female Furies #1 kicks off a new six-issue limited run focused on the fanatically-loyal Apokoliptian fighting squad. At the book’s core, though, is a...
Mister Miracle #11

Review: MISTER MIRACLE #11 – The End Is Near

Mister Miracle #11 is out today, the penultimate chapter in the Tom King/Mitch Gerads New Gods epic.About the issue: Scott and Barda head to Apokolips...
strange tales complete collection human torch thing

STRANGE TALES Delivers Classic Human Torch and Thing Action

Marvel has released a Strange Tales Complete Collection, chronicling the Silver Age exploits of the Human Torch and Thing.After the popularity of the Fantastic Four magazine, Stan...
FanExpo Canada 2018

FanExpo Canada 2018 Bound: The Great Toronto Comicbook Hunt

The weekend that Ontarian pop-culture nerds have been waiting for is finally here, well, kind of. Starting August 30th at 4 PM, the festivities...
fantastic four the coming of galactus epic collection


Fantastic Four: The Coming of Galactus is out this week from Marvel's Epic Collection line, and it's chock full of Silver Age, Jack Kirby greatness.

Atlas’s Western Comics: An Old Idea with Some New Twists

So the next time some troubled fan of the Distinguished Competition tells you that Spider-Man is just a nerdy boy-scout type from Queens, you can tell them that they’ve got it all wrong; he’s really the Lone Ranger.
Space & Robot comics

The Dusk of the Monster Age: The Rise & Fall of...

As a jaded comics historian looking back on the age of wonder and optimism that was the ’50s, my favourite comics are ones that feature artists and writers’ far-fetched visions of the future — robots and all — and a few of the best ones come from people you’re probably familiar with for other work they did.
Black Panther

Review: BLACK PANTHER Is Everything The Fans Wanted And So Much...

Black Panther will redefine societal notions of what constitutes a terrific comic book film. In the past, audiences were asked to suspend all sense of reality while being wildly entertained as either The Avengers swooped in once again to save the day or Deadpool seemingly defying the odds while making a sexual reference about god knows what. Coogler’s latest release seemingly mixes the lore of Wakanda with the harsh realities of our world. Black Panther‘s mission isn’t to set up the next film but to show the ripple of effects isolationism has and how compassion can impact the world. It indeed is a message which resonates loudly in 2018.
Comic Show Mister Miracle

Episode 25: MISTER MIRACLE Mid-Season Review

The Comic Show podcast returns this week, and we're talking all about Tom King and Mitch Gerads MISTER MIRACLE!
Mister Miracle

DC Comics Exclusive Preview: MISTER MIRACLE #5

Mister Miracle #5 hits stores 12/13, and Monkeys Fighting Robots has your exclusive first-look at the book courtesy of DC Comics.The series is written...

Kevin Feige Confident That Marvel Will Work With Taika Waititi Again

According to early reactions, Thor: Ragnarok is one of the most comedic and fun adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the studio is confident...
Len Wein

From Swamp Thing to Wolverine: The Wild Mind of Len Wein

As reported by Monkeys Fighting Robots’ very own Aric Sweeny, the world of comic books lost a seminal figure last weekend. On September 10th,...
Comic Show Nightwing Jack Kirby Defenders

Comic Show Episode 11: Happy Birthday Jack Kirby, Defenders Review, &...

Welcome to the eleventh episode of the Comic Show by Monkeys Fighting Robots! This week, we discuss whether or not Generations: Thor was worth the hype. We also...
Thor's hammer

The DC Origin of Thor’s Hammer: Digging Through Jack Kirby’s Recycling

During his exceptional career, Jack Kirby co-created some of the most enduring superheroes, including a number of Marvel Comics favourites like Captain America, the...
Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby: Krackling into the Unknown in the Late 1950s

Jack Kirby co-created some of the most enduring characters that Marvel Comics, or its predecessors Timely or Atlas, has published. Not satisfied with co-creating...
Mister Miracle

Review: ‘Mister Miracle’ #1 Is The Defining Comic Of 2017

Tom King and Mitch Gerads' Mister Miracle #1 is finally out, and it opens just like the Mister Miracle comics of old. Gerads uses...
DC Comics Monkeys Fighting Robots

Vote In Our ‘Mister Miracle’ New Gods Contest – Choose Wisely

Mister Miracle #1 by Tom King and Mitch Gerads hits the local comic book shops on August 9, and to celebrate the new series...

DC Entertainment Announces Mister Miracle

Writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads are teaming up once again to bring The Fourth World back this August. DC made the announcement...

Marvel’s Inhumans First Look Photo Debuts

A first look photo of Marvel's upcoming Inhumans television series debut today courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.The photo reveals the royal family with Black Bolt...
Fighting American

Fighting American: Simon & Kirby’s Forgotten Cold War Super Soldier

There are few names in comics that are as well-known as Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. Kirby co-created, with Stan Lee and others, nearly...