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Murder Falcon cover art

Review: MURDER FALCON #5 Fighting Ultimate Chaos

Murder Falcon, published by Image Comics, is now onto its fifth issue and all the jokes about it being 'turned up to 11' have...
Murder Falcon Image Comics

Review: MURDER FALCON #4 Unleashes Demons And Metal Upon The World

In Image Comics' music and fantasy inspired Murder Falcon, the creators have managed to recreate the experience of listening to heavy metal music in...

EXTREMITY Goes Out With A Bloody, Heavy Bang

The heavy metal masterpiece from Daniel Warren Johnson, Extremity, reaches its twelfth and final issue.***SPOILERS LIE AHEAD***  Thea and her new tribe race to stop the...
comic books 2017

10 Crucial Comic Book Talents From 2017

As we prepare to put another year of comic books behind us, we look back at some of the creators and contributors to the...

‘Extremity’ #6 Solidifies The Series As A Must-Read

Extremity is a beautifully brutal comic book series from Image that is created, written, and illustrated by the great Daniel Warren Johnson. Revenge is...