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Bitter Root #1

[Review] BITTER ROOT #1 is an Incredible Achievement

Bitter Root #1 is a comic about monsters. Not just those with ripping claws and snarling teeth (though that’s definitely a big part of...
mister miracle 12 dc comics review

Farewell, MISTER MIRACLE, And Thank You: A (Spoiler-Free) Retrospective

Mister Miracle #12 is out today, bringing the Eisner-winning series to a close.There will be no spoilers in this article. In fact, instead of...

Fearscape #2 Review/Analysis: The Tragedy of Writer’s Complex

Need to catch up? Check out our review of Fearscape #1.“How do I become a writer?” It is the question that plagues many in...
punisher war machine marvel comics

PUNISHER: WAR MACHINE Celebrates Frank Castle Without Glorifying His Killing

Punisher: War Machine volume two is out November 14th, and it's an action-packed celebration of everything Punisher fans enjoy, but it a tactful, tasteful...

Five Terrifying Moments From IMMORTAL HULK Volume 1

Immortal Hulk volume 1, "Or Is He Both?", is out November 21st, and it's a must-read for fans of both superhero comics and horror.The series...
Disney Afternoon Giant #1

[review] Get a ‘90s Nostalgia Fix With DISNEY AFTERNOON GIANT #1

Like many “nineties kids,” the Disney Afternoon block was a formative television ritual for me. While the recently-relaunched Ducktales cartoon series and comics from...
Outer Darkness #1

[Review] OUTER DARKNESS #1 is a Horror/Sci-Fi Treat

We’ve got the rag-tag crew on a deep-space recovery mission. The cynical, washed-out commanding officer pining for the one he lost. The humans who...
venom cates stegman

Seven Epic Moments From VENOM Volume 1 By Cates & Stegman

Venom: Rex is out in trade paperback on November 21st, and we're breaking down seven of its most epic moments.The series is written by...
stronghold aftershock

New Series STRONGHOLD Reveals Earth Is Actually An Alien Prison

STRONGHOLD is a new "tale of cosmic horror, high adventure and tragic romance" announced by AfterShock this week, from Phil Hester, Ryan Kelly, Dee Cunniffe, and Simon Bowland. Issue one is out February 20th, 2019.
Typhoid Fever: X-Men

TYPHOID FEVER: X-MEN Review – Moves Story, Despite Hiccups

In one of the most well-known passages of his work Paradise Lost, John Milton writes “The mind is its own place, and in it...
north bend-comic book-review

North Bend #1 Review: Near-Future Sci-Fi Crime Story Is Start Of...

"North Bend" is a near-future crime story from indie writer/creator Ryan Ellsworth that establishes a world not too different from our own then descends...
champions northern lights review marvel comics

CHAMPIONS: “Northern Lights” Trade Review

Jim Zub takes over writing duties for Marvel's Champions with volume 4, "Northern Lights", out November 7th.The trade collects the three issue "Northern Lights" story,...
weapon h awol review

WEAPON H: AWOL Review – Crazy, Over-The-Top, And Really Good

Weapon H: AWOL is proof that you can give Greg Pak whatever silly, over-the-top premise you want, and he can make it work.Clay was...
middlewest review image comics

Review: MIDDLEWEST #1 Picks You Up And Blows You Away

Middlewest is a new fantasy, coming-of-age story from Image Comics, one which promises a ton of adventure and mystery for readers. The series is...
ant-man and the wasp review

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Review – Scott & Nadia’s Excellent Adventure

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Lost and Found is out November 7th in trade paperback, and it's a light, fun adventure through the microverse with...
Detective Comics #991

Review: DETECTIVE COMICS #991 Reveals Karl Twist’s True Killer

Detective Comics #991 is not an action-packed issue. Despite the impression the cover gives, Batman, Gordon, and Two-Face aren’t tearing through the streets of...
domino killer instinct marvel comics

DOMINO: KILLER INSTINCT Review – Perfect For Fans New and Old

Domino: Killer Instinct is a very fun, very accessible entry point for people who saw Deadpool 2 and want to start reading Marvel's good...
Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider

Review: SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER #1 Hits the Ground Running

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 doesn’t waste any time jumping into the action. The story picks up where Spider-Gwen Volume 2 left off, with Gwen...
Books of Magic #1

Review: BOOKS OF MAGIC #1 Recaps, Set Up New Adventures

Books of Magic #1 is the last of the four new stories to join Vertigo’s Sandman Universe line. This one feels a bit less...
lodger idw lapham

Review: LODGER #1 Is A New, Mysterious Thriller From The Laphams

Lodger is a new crime comic out this week by David and Maria Lapham (Stray Bullets), and it's a captivating ride sure to get...