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Review: THE EMPTY MAN #5 Pushes The Characters To Breaking Point

Over worldly horrors and the weakness of Human kind forge the backbone of BOOM! Studios’ The Empty Man series. Part all-consuming virus and part...
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Review: Enter The Labyrinth With OBERON #2

The stage is set; the characters have taken their places; and all await the unravelling of Oberon’s plan. The second issue of AfterShock Comics...
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Review: Mutant Manifestations In THE EMPTY MAN #4

The Empty Man #4 continues to explore the horrors of a virus spreading fear and violence throughout America. While uncertainty grips the real world,...
Star Trek: The Q Conflict alternative cover

Review: Crossover Mayhem in STAR TREK: THE Q CONFLICT #1

Star Trek: The Q Conflict brings together characters from various iterations of the Star Trek Universe and pits them against their most powerful foe....
Cover Art Work Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Review: BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #1 Slaying Us All Over Again

BOOM! Studios are taking us back to the very beginning for their new Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic, re-imaging the characters and the story.Everybody has...
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Review: THE EMPTY MAN #3 Brings Violence To The Streets

What do you do if you are breaking the law and the violent mob are at the door? Run and hide or fight to...


In a crossover, no one (or everyone depending on how hopefully you are) saw coming, Rick and Morty embark on a grand adventure of...
Joker Daffy Duck fI

Review: THE JOKER/DAFFY DUCK #1 is a Manic, yet Fun Ride

This crossover between Daffy Duck and The Joker is one fun ride! The Joker is one of, if not the, most infamous villains in DC...

COLD SPOTS #1 Review: A-BUNNdantly Eerie

COLD SPOTS #1 from Image Comics hits your local comic book store as Cullen Bunn and Mark Torres open this eerie, bitter, tale with something...
RRR-DC 8-15-18

DC Comics Rapid 🔥🔥🔥 Recap For The Week Of August 15,...

The Unknown Soldier gets noticed, Atlantis rises, He-Man kicks Bane’s butt, and Cyborg Superman returns all in this week’s DC Comics Rapid Fire Recap...
Weapon H 6 cov 1

WEAPON H #6 Review: Action Pak-ed

Captain America fights Weapon H, Skrullduggers attempt to eat kids, Man-Thing gets supercharged, and Hulkverine possibly gets promoted as Greg Pak kicks off this...
Multiple Man 3 cov 1

MULTIPLE MAN #3 Review: Nonstop Insanity

Death, destruction, killing, and even more killing all in this week’s MULTIPLE MAN #3 as Matthew Rosenberg slaughters every last bit of hope the future had of stopping the evil Dictator Jamie Madrox Prime. Let's take a look!
Thor 4 cov 1

THOR #4 Review: Jason Aaron, The Adopted Son Of Odin

Thanos breaks up with Hela, Thor becomes the God of Hel, and Balder comes back to the land of the living all in this...
Mystery Science Theater 3000

Advance Review: MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 #1

After Dark Horse Comics announced Mystery Science Theater 3000 would have a a comic series, fans were confused how it would work. How would the series translated to a comic book format? Luckily, the results are in and fans have nothing to worry about.
Doctor Strange 4 cov 1

DOCTOR STRANGE #4 Review: Mark Waid The True Sorcerer Supreme

A Nidavellir Dwarf, Doctor Strange’s arrogance, and an old friend returns in this week’s DOCTOR STRANGE #4 as Mark Waid continues Stephen and Kanna’s intergalactic journey...
Injustice vs MOTU cov 1

Injustice Vs The Masters Of The Universe #2 Review: Everyone Matters

Darkseid joins the fun, Skeletor has secret plans, and He-Man explores Earth as Tim Seeley continues the battle for the Injustice Universe against an...
Justice League 6 cov 1

Justice League #6 Review: Jimenez And Joker Are Stars Through The...

Speed Force race cars, new ancient artifacts, and a broken Bat all in this week’s JUSTICE LEAGUE #6 as Scott Snyder makes the plot even...
DD 606 COV 1

DAREDEVIL #606 Review: Nelson, Murdock and Murdock Attorneys At Law

Hammerhead, doppelgängers; and a new team is formed as Charles Soule kicks off DAREDEVIL #606 by taking the way back machine to the 1960’s...
Darth Vader 19 cov

DARTH VADER #19 Review: Star Wars Is In His “Soule”

The Inquisitors hunt for Jedi as Charles Soule opens his nonstop, action-packed installment of DARTH VADER #19 out this week from Marvel Comics.

DETECTIVE COMICS #986 Review: Bryan Hill Captures Batman’s Voice

Batman's hidden plans, Black Lightning strikes, and Karma’s mind manipulation continue to kick Bruce’s butt in DETECTIVE COMICS #986 as Bryan Hill dives deeper into Karma’s abilities and reveals even more secrets that Batman’s keeping.