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BLACK PANTHER Meets Star Wars In “The Intergalactic Empire Of Wakanda”

Black Panther: The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda Part One is out this week, and it's an epic cosmic adventure worthy of a king.The series...
Killmonger #1

[Review] KILLMONGER #1 is Brilliant, Classical Tragedy

“Killmonger is a tragedy. It’s a tragedy because revenge is inherently tragic.” So says writer Bryan Hill in the afterword of Killmonger #1, the...

Kimmel to Appear in WEST COAST AVENGERS #4, Joining Letterman as...

Not since David Letterman has a late-night talk show host been on the cover of a Marvel comic book, but later in November, another...

Review: SHURI #1 Gives The Breakout Character The Comic She Deserves

Novelist Nnedi Okorafor, artist Leonardo Romero, colorist Jordie Bellaire and cover artist Sam Spratt come together to give Shuri, Marvel's breakout character from Black...
Black Panther

Ryan Coogler Returning To Write & Direct BLACK PANTHER Sequel

The architect behind Marvel's Wakanda isn't going anywhere. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Coogler is returning to write and direct the sequel to...
Black Panther #4 Cover

Review: BLACK PANTHER #4 Pulls Us Deeper into the Intergalactic Empire

The story of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda continues its gradual unfold in Black Panther #4. Ta-Nehisi Coates and Daniel Acuna give us a...

CAPTAIN AMERICA #3: Steve’s Emotional Weight On Your Shoulders

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Francis Yu take Steve Rogers into Wakanda in Captain America #3. Black Panther joins the global hunt for whoever is behind the Duke army.
Avengers 6-Cov

AVENGERS #6 Review: Earth’s Mightiest Infection

Planet-sized Iron Man Armor, giant-sized She-Hulk and Thor, a dead Celestial possessed by Ghost Rider, and a cure that needed to age for millions...
BP 3-Cov

BLACK PANTHER #3 Review: Acuna Matata

Reincarnation, Askari Raider battles, and a new possible villain emerges all in this week’s BLACK PANTHER #3 as Ta-Nehisi Coates attempts to catch up readers from...
Harvey Awards

2018 HARVEY AWARDS : New Catagories And Nominations Announced

The 2018 Harvey Awards have nominations have been announced, but the categories have changed this year. Instead of the usual 'Best Inker', 'Best Writer', etc....

CAPTAIN AMERICA #2 Review: Coates Catches Readers Up

Ta-Nehisi Coates kicks off CAPTAIN AMERICA  #2 with a down an out Steve Rodgers; one that’s ashamed, untrustworthy, and unauthorized to operate for the country he...
Marvel Knights

The MARVEL KNIGHTS Imprint Is Returning, Led By Donny Cates

ICYMI: Marvel Comics is bringing back their Marvel Knights imprint for its 20th anniversary, and it will be curated by superstar writer Donny Cates.
eisner awards

Here Are All The Winners From The 2018 EISNER AWARDS

The 2018 Eisner Awards were held last night at San Diego Comic-Con, and we have your complete list of winners here!

AVENGERS #5 Review: The New Origin

AVENGERS #5 story by the spectacular Jason Aaron, with art by Paco c, inks by the thorough Juan Vlasco, Mark Morales, and Karl Story, colors...
Djimon Hounsou Shazam Wizard

Djimon Hounsou Will Play The Wizard In Shazam

The DC Film Universe keeps getting bigger.Entertainment Weekly reports Djimon Hounsou is playing the Wizard in Shazam.Hounsou's best known for his roles in Amistad,...

AVENGERS #4 Review: My Favorite Mistake

AVENGERS #4 story by Jason Aaron, Paco Medina, and Ed McGuinness, inks by Juan Vlasco & Mark Morales, colors by David Curiel, and letters...

Franchise Opportunities: The Time Is Right For Marvel Studios to Make...

With so many superheroic ladies in the mix, now feels like the perfect time for Marvel Studios to give the world an all-female Avengers film.

BLACK PANTHER #2 Review: T’Challa the New Hope

BLACK PANTHER #2 written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, art by Daniel Acuna, and letters by Joe Sabino soars onto our shelves this week as Ta-Nehisi...

MegaCon Orlando Sees Cosplay Explosion

Conventions continue to garner popularity, regardless of the type of event, cons have become a massive fish-bowl gathering of comic fans, gamers and cosplayers....

BLACK PANTHER Makes A Healthy Cosmic Landscape Even Healthier

The cosmic frontier of Marvel’s 616 comic book universe has been having a slow-moving renaissance. Gerry Duggan’s Guardians Of The Galaxy and Infinity Countdown, along with Black Bolt and The Mighty Thor, have been leading the charge in making the cosmic side matter again. The new Black Panther series takes to the stars as well, Ta-Nehisi Coates looks to make a healthy landscape even healthier.