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BOOM! Studios Offers First Look at Ambitious Original Graphic Novel WAVES

A new original graphic novel from BOOM! Studios will capture a woman’s exploration as she navigates through pain and loss in the upcoming, Waves.In...
Fraggle Rock

Review: Dance Your Cares Away With FRAGGLE ROCK #1

The art Jared Cullum creates for this issue is inspirational. The use of a water color art style is often hard to prepresent properly in comics without the execution being a distraction. Here, Collum’s work presents the world of Fraggle Rock almost like a fusion between the live-action and the animated series.

An Upcoming ‘Labyrinth’ Comic Is Set To Tell Jareth’s Origin

David Bowie was a man of abundant talent but many remember him most for his portrayal of Jareth the the Goblin King in the...