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amazing spider-man annual 2018


Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (Legacy #43) is out now, telling a beautiful and haunting lost story from the Alien Costume Saga.The annual is written...

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #5: Spencer & Ottley Becoming Marvel’s Top Duo

Spencer & Ottley are quickly becoming Marvel's top pairing. Amazing Spider-Man #5 does so much without overexerting itself. This series should drag people back to superhero comics that have moved on from the genre.
Cosmic Ghost Rider 3-Cov

COSMIC GHOST RIDER #3 Review: Donny Cates Is Unstoppable

Cable easily handles Galactus, Frank takes on a sea of Marvel heroes, and Uatu becomes a babysitter all in this week’s COSMIC GHOST RIDER #3 by...

Marvel Comics Rapid 🔥🔥🔥 Recap For The Week Of August 8,...

Baby Jedi’s, more Wedding proposals, doppelgangers, and the touch of the Man-Thing all in this week’s Marvel Comics Rapid Fire Recap as Dan Slott kicks off FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Peter Parker and Spider-man are splitsville in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3, and Matt Murdock starts to see double in DAREDEVIL #606. Let's jump into this week's Marvel Comics!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3 – A Tale Of Two Peters

Spencer & Ottley are delivering on the double-shipping schedule like nobody else! Amazing Spider-Man #3 continues the dynamite creative team's classic restoration of both Spidey and Peter Parker.

Marvel Comics Rapid 🔥 🔥 🔥 Recap for the Week Of...

Time Travel, Multiverses, Multiples, and so much more all in this week's RAPID FIRE RECAP as the highly anticipated INFINITY WARS PRIME #1 arrives with an epic...

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #2 – Spencer & Ottley Flex Their Character Muscles

More Amazing Spider-Man already? You bet! Sometimes the double-shipping efforts of a comic book publisher can be appreciated. Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley's second issue keeps the good vibes going in Amazing Spider-Man #2.


With Amazing Spider-Man #1, we enter a brand new chapter in Peter Parker's life. This is the first new creative team to helm the title in ten years, following an impressively long run by Dan Slott. Writer Nick Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley step up to the plate and absolutely knock it out of the park.

Did Tom Holland Leak The Title Of The Next SPIDER-MAN Movie?

Tom Holland gained a reputation before the release of Avengers: Infinity War of being a little too forthcoming about details surrounding the film which were supposed to be top-secret. Marvel even made light of this by allowing the cast to pile-on the young actor during the media tour right before the film's release.

Dan Slott’s Goodbye To AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – Short, Sweet, And Heartfelt

Longtime Amazing Spider-Man writer, Dan Slott, hangs em' up. Issue #801 is a touching final goodbye to the character and fans before the veteran creator web-swings off into the sunset.
TONY STARK: IRON MAN #1 - Dan Slott Turns The Hero Into Sitcom

TONY STARK: IRON MAN #1 – Dan Slott Turns The Hero...

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 written by Dan Slott with art by Valerio Schiti hits your local comic book store this week. Get your popcorn ready for this fun adventure.
amazing spider-man 800

Review: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 Is A Celebration Of All Things Spidey

Dan Slott's run on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is almost over, and issue 800 is a massive, action-filled reminder of everything that makes Spidey great.

First Look: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN No. 800 Variant Covers

On May 30, The Amazing Spider-Man will punch its ticket into the record books with the release of issue No. 800, which will also...

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #799, An Osborn Family Reunion

Spidey made a deal with the Devil, Norman Osborn merged with the Carnage symbiote, taking him off the board. Peter Parker on the other hand assumes the "man in the chair" role and calls in Spidey's support to look after his loved ones. The Red Goblin tries to paint the town red in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #799!
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #798, Goblins Galore!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #798 Review: Goblins Galore!

Dan Slott and the Amazing Spider-Man train keeps on rolling towards #800 with tons of momentum. This issue delivers a classic Green Goblin scenario before finally unveiling the Red Goblin.

Dan Slott’s 5 Best SPIDER-MAN Stories

Dan Slott's decade on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is coming to an end next month. Before he "Goes Down Swining" and takes over INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, we take a look at some of our favorite stories from ten years of Slott on ASM.

Dan Slott Doing A Lot Right Setting Up His AMAZING SPIDER-MAN...

Dan Slott's decade on Amazing Spider-Man comes to an end in July. He's making an effort to set things right with Spidey fans before he...

Marvel Legacy Report: Week 17 – X-MEN: BLUE Times Two

As we find ourselves in a new era of Marvel Comics, I’ll be providing a weekly report on all Legacy titles. Your one-stop guide to what’s going...

Marvel Legacy Report: Week 13 – Moon Knight Shocks

As we enter a new era of Marvel Comics, I’ll be providing a weekly report on all Legacy titles. Your one-stop guide to what’s going on in...

Dan Slott Leaving Spider-Man, Marvel Continues Moving In New Direction

After a decade-long run as the Amazing Spider-Man writer, Dan Slott's tenure is coming to an end.In the March 2018 Marvel solicitations, Amazing Spider-Man...

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