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AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME – Hercules Takes Center Stage

Voyager has come back for another big-time story. Avengers: No Road Home is the follow-up to Avengers: No Surrender from the writing trio of Al Ewing, Jim Zub, and Mark Waid.
The Immortal Hulk #13 cover art

Review: THE IMMORTAL HULK #13 – A Gamma-Filled Fight in...

Al Ewing has been crafting a truly haunting horror series with THE IMMORTAL HULK comic line. We’ve seen the fantastically written journey of Gamma...

IMMORTAL HULK #11: The Horrifying Evolution Of Rage

Al Ewing and Joe Bennett continue to deliver more than we could have ever expected with this stellar Immortal Hulk run. This has easily been one of the best Marvel books of the year.

December is for Defending with DEFENDERS: THE BEST DEFENSE

This December, Marvel is uniting the original Defenders squad to save our solar system and because, you know, nostalgia!That’s right, they’re back! The team...

Five Terrifying Moments From IMMORTAL HULK Volume 1

Immortal Hulk volume 1, "Or Is He Both?", is out November 21st, and it's a must-read for fans of both superhero comics and horror.The series...
Immortal Hulk

Review: THE IMMORTAL HULK #8 Transforms Into Full Blown Body Horror

Al Ewing, Joe Bennet, Ruy Jose and Paul Mounts go full-on body horror in a phantasmagoric THE IMMORTAL HULK #8.Bruce Banner is dead. His corpse...

Review: Everything Falls Apart In An Intense THE IMMORTAL HULK #7

Al Ewing, Joe Bennet, Ruy Jose and Paul Mounts join forces to bring intensity and action in THE IMMORTAL HULK #7.They’re the reason he...
Immortal Hulk 5-Cov

Review: Al Ewing’s Twist In IMMORTAL HULK #5 Will Stun Fans

Bruce Banner battles a possessed Sasquatch in this week’s Immortal Hulk #5 as the incredible Al Ewing shocks readers with a surprise wrinkle. Let’s crack this...

IMMORTAL HULK #4 Review: Sasquatch’ya Doing Banner?

Al Ewing ended his outstanding last issue of Immortal Hulk by introducing Walter Langkowski A.K.A. Sasquatch into the story, but why is he searching for Bruce...

Marvel Comics Rapid 🔥🔥🔥 Recap For The Week Of August 1,...

Space Sharks, massacres, Jyn Erso, Big Foot, and Thanos' killer revealed all in this week's MARVEL COMICS RAPID FIRE RECAP; as Black Bolt goes on a rampage in DEATH OF INHUMANS #2, the Infinity Watch is reformed in INFINITY WARS #1, and  Frank Castle becomes a baby daddy in COSMIC GHOST RIDER #2.
Vader a2-3

IMMORTAL HULK #3 Review: The Incredible Ewing

IMMORTAL HULK #3 written by Al Ewing, pencils by Joe Bennett, inks by Ruy Jose, colors by Paul Mounts, and letters by Cory Petit drops...

IMMORTAL HULK #2 Review: Radioactive Radioactive

IMMORTAL HULK #2 written by Al Ewing, pencils by Joe Bennett, inks by Ruy Jose, colors by Paul Mounts, letters by Cory Petit &...

IMMORTAL HULK Offers A Fresh Take On Marvel’s Classic Monster

Writer Al Ewing has been a Marvel fan-favorite for a number of years. His work on Ultimates, Royals, U.S.Avengers, and Avengers: No Surrender has landed him plenty of gigs in the internet community fantasy-casting. Immortal Hulk could potentially be the series to finally push him into the next level of comic book writing super-stardom.

THE IMMORTAL HULK to ‘Rise’ in an All-New Series in June

The ‘Jade Giant’ returns to its origins in a brand new series this summer with a unique spin on the character via the creative...
Inhumans Prime #1 Featured Image

‘Inhumans Prime’ #1: Let The Great Inhumans Relaunch Begin!

Here's the simple truth with Inhumans Prime #1, it's Marvel making their latest push for the Inhumans franchise. By golly, they want Inhumans to...

“U.S. Avengers” Variant Covers Have An Avenger for Each State

Beginning next year, the Avengers are spreading out across all 50 states in the new title U.S. Avengers from Marvel. To celebrate, Marvel will launch the series with...