“Super Sons Of Tomorrow” Wraps Up

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The “Super Sons Of Tomorrow” story reaches its finale. This future asshole Tim Drake has been getting a lot of work recently. He showed up in a recent Detective Comics arc as well.

Super Sons 12 cvr


DC has been hitting it hard with the crossovers and lite-events recently. They haven’t all been home runs, but this one has been well worth your time.

Damian and Jon’s friendship is one of the most enjoyable new elements of DC Rebirth. This title has been one of the best surprise hits across their entire line of comics.

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This issue is mostly about addressing the fallout and how to move on from future Drake. The moment where the two boys promise to protect each other to Superman is a heart-warming scene.

The biggest takeaway from this issue is the Teen Titans voting against Superboy becoming a member. This gives us another touching moment between the two boys. Damian is a big softy in this issue, it seems Jon is the only person on Earth that exposes his heart.

This story, by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason, was short and sweet. These crossovers have been so much easier to digest with the rapid, weekly pace DC has been releasing them.

Tyler Kirkham’s art isn’t bad by any means, it’s just more cookie-cutter than we’re accustomed to on Super Sons. Much of the youthful essence is drained by replacing the bright and doe-eyed cartooning with DC’s brand of superhero standard.

The more emotional beats from this issue still strike a chord, just in a different light. It also doesn’t do anything for those reading Super Sons for the first time. If the point of crossover stories is to get new people to follow a story into a book they aren’t reading, this doesn’t do the series any justice.

It’s still effective and a joy to look at, just not in the same way this series is known for. I blame all these adults being involved in the story.

In the aftermath of future Tim Drake’s sacrifice, Damian and Jon are closer than ever. The Teen Titans might be a mess, but our two favorite young heroes take a step forward.

Super Sons #12 is a nice, quiet wrap-up for the crossover story. It doesn’t have the youthful glow and spirit that makes this book lovable and unique, but it’s a solid effort.

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