STAR WARS RESISTANCE ‘The Triple Dark’ Filler Flop

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A filler episode is a common occurrence within television series’, especially animated ones. They don’t make or break a show, rather they tend to reveal a series’ true colors. In the case of Star Wars Resistance, “The Triple Dark” is the first filler episode of season 1. Sadly, it didn’t fill much of anything except a space of time in which viewers can’t get back.

As mentioned in our review of “The Recruit,” Star Wars Resistance is a Disney show and contains qualities associated with other series produced by the corporate mouse. The pilot for Star Wars Resistance contained a good amount of balance, mixing up the Disney humor with classic Star Wars storytelling. Remove the primary story arc as one does in filler and “The Triple Dark” became something of a cross between Darkwing Duck and Drake & Josh.

Minor Spoiler Warning! Continuing to read will reveal spoilers within Star Wars Resistance “The Triple Dark.” You’ve been warned!

Kaz and Yeager on the Colossus in Star Wars Resistance episode 3
Image via Disney–ABC Domestic Television and Lucasfilm

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At times, episode 3 of Star Wars Resistance was more painful than the rewards. This occurred because of a lack of balance between the comedic beats, the “side story,” and a complete lack of character development.

Star Wars Resistance Filler Ep Bombed

Kaz being a spy on the Colossus for the Resistance in The Triple Dark ep 3 Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney–ABC Domestic Television and Lucasfilm

Most filler in animation contains extra comedic beats between characters, fanservice, a quick action sequence, and story which has minor implications within the overall plot. Anime has captured the essence of filler due to typically having a smaller budget than Western animation, turning it into what many would consider an alternative art form.

Disney, however, believes itself to be a mover and shaker — not a follower. And for the most part, they are. Attempting to mix Japanese animation style with a Western cartoon is bold, and art director Amy Beth Christenson pulls it successfully off. When it comes to filler, though, it’s business as usual for Disney. And this is a shame.

Considering the budget for Star Wars Resistance, “The Triple Dark” episode is almost a complete flop. There’s no excuse for why the episode is lacking in story and character interaction.

Typically, in a Japanese animation, a filler episode will focus on a side character within the series while providing fanservice and humor. Disney got the fanservice and humor part but slept on the character arcs. In creating this side adventure within a filler episode, it allows for a backstory to take place — and ultimately growth, for all the characters involved in the episode.

Too Much Kaz Again

Office of Acquisitions and Kaz in Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney–ABC Domestic Television and Lucasfilm

The arc of “The Triple Dark” sadly put the focus on Kaz once again. The first two episodes of Star Wars Resistance were solely about Kaz, setting up his story while introducing surrounding characters. Instead of using episode 3 to introduce some of these side characters further to the audience, the creative team once again made it all about Kaz.

“The Triple Dark” is a reference to a type of storm, one in which pirates will typically take advantage of due to low visibility. Kaz is attempting to figure this whole spy and mechanic thing out while pirates are targeting the Colossus and their fuel. The pirate’s motives don’t line up until the First Order reveals itself to be the ones truly behind the attack.

Kaz naturally saves the day, thanks to messing things up earlier in the episode, turning his mistake into a growth moment. Because the writers chose to focus only on Kaz in “The Triple Dark”, they missed a huge opportunity to grow and develop other characters. While the episode isn’t a horrible one, the lack of energy and commitment stands out like a sore thumb.

The Better Parts of The Triple Dark

Pirate ships invading the Colossus in The Triple Dark ep 3 of Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney–ABC Domestic Television and Lucasfilm

Despite ruining a prime opportunity to develop and grow additional characters on the Colossus, “The Triple Dark” did have a few positive moments. The animation during the fight scene with the pirates was decent, creating an interesting tone with a combination of smooth and shaded lines. Likewise in Kaz’s moments wandering the Colossus, giving the audience a deeper look at the platform base and those who reside on it.

The musical score hit a high point during the action sequence with the pirates, however, it fell short tremendously during Kaz’s adventures on his way to the Office of Acquisitions.

Team Fireball Star Wars Resistance ep 3, The Triple Dark
Image via Disney–ABC Domestic Television and Lucasfilm

Team fireball got some screen time in “The Triple Dark” but their interaction was generic. Little has been explained about Yeager. Like why is he on the Colossus, and how did he end up running a racing team? The same goes for Tam Ryvora. The only thing we know about her is that she’s a mechanic and doesn’t like Kaz. If anything, not developing her character further in “The Triple Dark” is a huge missed opportunity.

Captain Phasma makes an appearance which was nice, even if she only had a couple lines. And the First Order is shown to be interested in the Colossus, however, the reasons behind their obsession remains a mystery for now.

Star Wars Resistance The Triple Dark Overall Review

Captain Phasma and The First Order in Star Wars Resistance
Team Fireball Star Wars Resistance

After the first two episodes of Star Wars Resistance did an amazing job of introducing a new story, location, and host of characters — it’s sad that “The Triple Dark” fell so short. Disney isn’t lacking in a budget like other animation studios are, and yet, those lower budget production companies are putting out way better filler than Disney did with Resistance.

Hopefully, episode 4 “The High Tower” will bring back the magic found in “The Recruit.” In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see how further development is given the other characters on the Colossus. There’s still much to learn about Team Fireball, and we barely know anything about The Aces pilots.

Kaz working as a mechanic with Team Fireball in The Triple Dark, episode 3 of Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney–ABC Domestic Television and Lucasfilm

Did you enjoy Star Wars Resistance “The Triple Dark?” Or was it a huge letdown? Let us know in the comments below!

The next episode of Star Wars Resistance, “The High Tower,” airs October 21st. “May the Force be with you, always.”

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