STAR WARS RESISTANCE Spoiler Review Episode 3: Fuel For The Fire Double Meaning

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A show typically hooks an audience within 3 episodes, making “Fuel for the Fire” an important episode in Star Wars Resistance. The pilot of the series “New Recruit” did its job well, driving attention and interest. But “The Triple Dark” showed off more flaws than expected, leaving the series’ fate to this week’s episode, “Fuel for the Fire.”

Sticking with the already established blueprint for Star Wars Resistance, the show continued to be all about Kaz. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on one character for an extended period, however, if viewers aren’t relating to the main protagonist — and the other characters only serve as background, the risk of losing viewers grows expediently.

Take the hit anime series Naruto, for example. Season 1 of Star Wars Resistance contains similarities to Naruto’s first season, especially in regard to the lead protagonist. Kaz, like Naruto, is annoying and every episode seems to focus solely on him. When the protagonist (Kaz/Naruto) has a learning moment, it gets forgotten, repeating bad behaviors or personality traits. Even the side characters are receiving similar treatment.

Maybe Kaz should be called Nazuto?

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Kaz and Naruto Comparison Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios, Lucasfilm, and Viz Media

Most fans of Naruto will openly admit they weren’t huge fans of season 1 and that the young protagonist, Naruto, was beyond annoying. Somehow though, the anime series maintained itself and became greater than any of its creators could have imagined.

The success of Naruto, however, didn’t take place because of its first season. Fans were loyal to the series because they’d read the manga first. In addition, as the series progressed, so did the quality of its episodes.

Star Wars Resistance doesn’t have any loyal followers, besides the franchises loyal fans who are willing to give it a chance. And as the episodes tick by, viewership is likely to drop if the story doesn’t improve. Will Resistance become something great like Naruto, or will fans bail because Kaz isn’t relatable like Naruto?

Warning, Spoilers Ahead For Star Wars Resistance episode 3!!!

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Star Wars Resistance: Fuel For The Fire Review

Elijah Wood Guest Stars In Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

“Fuel for the Fire” definitely was an improvement over last weeks “The Triple Dark.” And yet, there’s still so much missing. Kaz, once again the focus, still hasn’t figured out how to fit in. Not only is he a lousy mechanic, but he’s constantly making huge mistakes which come back on Yeager and his crew.

Kaz seems oblivious to his surroundings and ends up getting suckered by another racing team on the Colossus. Thinking he’s connected with friends who understand him, Kaz is used simply for access to Yeager’s secret stash of Corellian Hyperfuel.

Yeager and Kaz Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Playing the role of Jace Rucklin (the one who suckers Kaz) is none other than Elijah Wood. On Rucklin’s team is Gorrak Wiles (Eric Bauza) and Lin Gaava (Rachael MacFarlane). Rucklin and his team are actually the saving grace behind this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance. Wood has a natural ability to capture an audience’s attention, even when it’s just his voice. And in “Fuel for the Fire,” he leads the episode like a veteran.

It would have been nice if Tam (or even Neeku) played a larger role in “Fuel for the Fire,” but alas, it seems they’re destined to serve as strictly background characters for now. Even Yeager (who played a major role in episode 3) somehow got pushed to the side.

After bungling things up, as Kaz seems prone to do, he realizes his mistake and sets off to save the one who betrayed him. Rucklin, despite having knowledge of Yeager’s secret stash of hyperfuel, doesn’t seem to know how it works. Once combined with normal fuel, it becomes combustible and is likely to blow up the ship.

Kaz Saving Rucklin Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Kaz risks his life to save Rucklin, but the favor isn’t returned. Rucklin instead, pretends like the whole incident is Kaz’s fault and declares he’ll have his revenge. Meanwhile, BB-8 and Yeager (who saved Kaz and Rucklin from being fish food) barely get recognized.

Overall, “Fuel for the Fire” wasn’t a bad episode. But it also fell short of being great. The voice acting proved to be phenomenal, but the direction of the episode felt choppy while falling flat a few times. The animation continues to be a highlight, especially during any type of flying and racing scene. The story, however, continues to be the one area of Star Wars Resistance which isn’t pulling its weight. There’s potential for a great story, however, the introduction of Kaz continually seems to be hogging the spotlight.

Could the photo of Yeager with the Rebellion at Jakku lead to more, or will it get tossed in with the scraps and forgotten?

Yeager and Poe With Rebelion On Jakku In Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Be sure to tune in next week for “The High Tower.” What are your thoughts regarding this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance? Is it a show you’ll continue to watch, or is it being tossed to the backburner? Let us know in the comments below! “May the Force be with you, always.”

Kaz and BB-8 Star Wars Resistance episode 3
Image via Lucasfilm and Disney Studios

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