Mara Jade Star Wars Expanded Universe

There is a potential development in casting news that could get Star Wars fans more psyched up for the untitled Episode IX, a familiar face might be coming to the films from the old Expanded Universe since rebranded Legends by Disney.

That Hashtag Show claims Episode IX is looking to cast a female lead between the ages of 40-50 named “Mara.” The “Mara”, Expanded Universe fans may be looking for is Mara Jade, Luke Skywalker’s wife in the timeline following Return of the Jedi.

In the Expanded Universe, Jade was a former hand of the Emperor, but the current existing canon will definitely be derivative from the novels. Since Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, the expanded universe, which was created by authors endorsed by Star Wars creator, George Lucas, himself, to build off of his franchise was no longer considered canon much to the dismay a significant portion of the fanbase.

Since Disney’s acquisition, Lucasfilm has integrated the stories of the new films and supplemented them with new novels to align more properly to the current canon.

Most interestingly, there are elements from the Legends Disney has incorporated to the current timeline like Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was adopted over to the animated Star Wars Rebels in the show’s third season.

The character was created by Timothy Zahn, who wrote the Thrawn Trilogy for the EU. He rewrote Thrawn’s origin story in Star Wars: Thrawn.

Thrawn’s introduction to the current canon gives fans hope Disney will incorporate other EU characters into future stories.

Unfortunately, past Star Wars casting calls have altered the names of characters to throw off fans. For example, what would come to be Rey and Kylo Ren were originally advertised as Rachel and Thomas, respectively.

What would Disney’s motive be to cast for character to have such a high profile “distraction?” Would they be thumbing their noses at the critics of The Last Jedi to throw them off? Could this “Mara” be the loose ends that ties the loose ends not answered in TLJ like Snoke or Rey’s parents?

Is Disney throwing a large chunk of meat out there or are they trolling the fans?

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