Review: Smackdown Live is the Land of Opportunity for Owens & Zayn in WWE #20


Sami Zayn is finally getting a chance to shine, even if it is at the expense of his best friend. It's deserved, though, considering how Kevin Owens has been treating him. A solid end to the Kevin & Sami Show with great storytelling and fun artwork. As always, another stellar book from BOOM! Studios.
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After a heated feud with the McMahon family, Daniel Bryan saves Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn from being sent to the unemployment line in BOOM! Studios’ WWE #20.

BOOM! Studios – WWE #20


Owens and Zayn have done everything to push Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon’s buttons, and perhaps it’s finally gone too far. General Manager Daniel Bryan is a voice of reason to McMahon and convinces him to let the pair fight to keep their jobs.

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WWE_020_PRESS_3-DB Voice of Reason
BOOM! Studios – WWE #20

Through Dennis Hopeless’s intense storytelling, Owens and Zayn have done just that. They’ve worked their way through the WWE roster, winning along the way, and solidifying their employment status on Smackdown Live. But, there’s a bigger plan in the works: a six-pack challenge for the WWE Heavyweight Championship at the Fastlane pay per view. Six men enter, but only one can be victorious. With Owens and Zayn as two of the entrants, only one can win. If it comes down to it, will one lay down for the other to capitalize on the opportunity?


As always, Serg Acuna’s artwork is second to none. He understands the facial expressions of a frustrated Daniel Bryan, an angry Sami Zayn, and an overconfident Kevin Owens. But, there’s one face we see hardly any of, and that’s Shane McMahon. The panels position McMahon’s back to the audience, or the panel keeps McMahon’s head out of the layout.

WWE_020_PRESS_5-Headless Shane
BOOM! Studios – WWE #20

I also love the inclusion of the Lumberjack match in this issue; it’s a great way to include WWE talent who haven’t had a storyline featured yet, but they still hold a place in the overall storyline that is Smackdown Live.

Doug Garbark’s color choices are always on point. The arena panels almost seem to glow, and the backstage scenes have more muted tones. Jim Campbell’s lettering weaves in-ring conversation and commentary well, giving us story and background at the same time.


The choral voices of the vocalists singing the gloriousness of Bobby Roode are angelic, and writer Julian May & artist Rodrigo Lorenzo have the superstar dancing among the clouds. He defends and won’t give in against an unknown opponent, and he will remain glorious until the end.


This was a great wrap-up to the Kevin and Sami Show. Owens has been pushing Zayn this whole time, and now it seems that Zayn is finally taking the advice, standing on top… alone.

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