Professional Cosplayers Can Now Make 6 Figures A Year

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This year’s San Diego Comic-Con, like every year, did not disappoint with the cosplay. In fact, there’s a good amount of money to be made in this industry and highly talented cosplayers can rake in around $200,000 per year.

Christian Beranek, a comic book writer, interviewed several professional cosplayers and stated that product sales, crowdfunding, and YouTube ad revenue adds up.

“In addition to a per diem and travel costs, popular professional cosplayers can make at least $5,000 to $10,000 a show. If you add in mail order sales, crowdfunding contributions, and YouTube ad revenue, the top talents are pulling in close to $200,000 a year,” said Beranek.

Maitland Ward

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One of the more famous cosplay stars, Maitland Ward from the old TV show Boy Meets World, got her start in 2015 by doing a Star Wars themed photo shoot.

“It actually started when a few photographers who covered me and my daring red carpet looks thought it would be a cool idea if I became the girl that posed in Star Wars gear for the holiday and annual Star Wars celebration, ‘May the Fourth Be with You’,” said Ward.

The resulting photos of her Slave Leia cosplay turned out to be a huge hit with fans. Ward did admit that although cosplay enthusiasts charge $20 to $30 for selfies, she would do no such thing.

Ginny McQueen

Ginny McQueen has been doing cosplay since 1998 and has a “Hire Me” and “Support” section on her website to help her along the way. The passion for her craft is definitely there.

“While I have received many opportunities over the years because of cosplay, it is still first and foremost a hobby for me,” said McQueen.

There are mixed feelings on this as some critics feel that conventions are being “tainted” by highly suggestive costume models “looking to cash in on their looks.” Editor of Bill Swift figured there was also a split opinion on the matter.

“Some Comic-Con’ers probably don’t appreciate the half-naked women in body paint and sexy costumes gathering crowds. But as is the case of half-naked women in body paint and sexy costumes, the majority of fanboys are well in favor,” said Swift.

Swift then remarked that some cosplay ladies do connect with fans on social media on a consistent basis, affirming their credibility.

Source: Fox News

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