Timeless NBC Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Abigail Spencer

The door might be shut for Timeless for good with its latest cancellation…at least from NBC.

Previously canceled last year, the network decided to give the time-travel series another chance with a 10 episode second season, but delayed on the fate this year until after the May upfronts, according to Deadline.

The news comes about a week before the options for the cast were set to expire on June 30. Another reason for the delay of the announcement was because NBC and producer Sony Pictures TV were in talks about a two-hour movie that would resolve the season 2 cliffhanger finale providing fans closure to the remaining loose ends.

Though a deal still hasn’t been reached and both sides are still on the table, Sony is weighing their options about shopping the Timeless to other networks. Rather than another depending on a new network, Eric Kripke, who co-created the series with Shawn Ryan, took to Twitter saying the movie would be the show’s best option.

Such a task with TV shows is rare due to mounted production costs and little in return for the network. CBS’ CSI was popular enough as a top network show to be given a movie. Netflix’s sci-fi drama, Sense8, was also given a send-off film due to the series’ cult status despite its short run on SVOD. Freeform’s Shadowhunters will also conclude with a film to wrap the series and based on the final novel.

Despite being ranked first on USA Today’s “Save Our Shows Poll,” Timeless has been inconsistent with ratings and expensive with each episode set at a different time period.

Prior to the May 13 finale, NBC’s Bob Greenblatt left the show’s fate up in the air.

“We are hopeful and yet realistic as we have a lot of shows. We are going to take a look at [Timeless and Champions] after their run and hopefully make a quick decision on them.”

The show follows a soldier (Matt Lanter), history professor (Abigail Spencer) and a scientist (Malcolm Barrett), who band together and try to stop a nefarious organization from traveling to the past and altering American history. Goran Visnjic, Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey and Claudia Doumit co-starred.

Will another network pick up the show? Will it conclude with a two-hour movie? What is your favorite moment of the show? Sound off in the comments.

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