Mixed Tag Mayhem 2 - WWE Money in the Bank, Vader

In the second episode of Mixed Tag Mayhem, TV Editor Tom Chang and Social Media Editor Kimberly Cook recap WWE’s Money in the Bank 2018, remembering Leon “Vader” White and rank the greatest superheavyweights (not tall) in wrestling.

Money in the Bank was largely a predictable co-branded WWE pay per view. Tom got all his predictions correct sans the random Alexa Bliss cashing her briefcase to the title shot for the Raw Women’s Championship since no one really can predict when a winner cashes in the opportunity.

Tom and Kim discusses matches that could have been left off the card like Bobby Lashley squashing (the injured) Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns defeating Jinder Mahal while receiving the most negative crowd reaction throughout their bout.

Also mentioned was the systemic de-push of Asuka coming off her record-setting streak being lost in the shuffle since going to SmackDown and randomly being granted a title match against Carmella instead of a rematch with her WrestleMania opponent Charlotte Flair, who participated in the women’s money in the bank match. What would have made the most sense would have been a triple threat match.

After an exciting match with Elias and coming away the victor, Seth Rollins quickly lost his Intercontinental Title to Dolph Ziggler the following night on Raw, which was shocking considering the importance stressed with the title and Rollins’ current push.

The Daniel Bryan-Cass match was mentioned and Kim speculated what could have led to Cass’ release from WWE shortly after.

When it came to the WWE Championship match, there was speculation wherever AJ Styles would ever face Shinsuke Nakamura following Styles’ victory.

Tom and Kim closed the segment discussing the future of the Raw Women’s Championship situation and what may likely happen with how Braun Strowman plans to cash in his briefcase for the WWE Universal Title.

The next segment was remembering Leon “Vader” White, who passed recently, discussing his career achievements and how he helped make superheavyweights as credible top card guys. White broke stereotypes as an athletic big man who’s as fast as he is powerful coming from an NFL background.

Tom and Kim discussed how White paved way for guys like Yokozuna, Umaga, Mark Henry and Viscera in becoming credible and intimidating talents at the top of the wrestling business with apologies to anyone else left out like Bam Bam Bigelow.

What did you think of Money in the Bank? Who do you think is the best superheavyweight wrestler of all time?

Sound off in the comments.

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