Michael Fassbender David Sandberg Kung Fury 2Michael Fassbender David Sandberg Kung Fury 2

The 2015 Kung Fury might not have gotten the crowdfunding for a full-feature, but the sequel, Kung Fury 2, will be with Oscar-nominated Michael Fassbender joining the cast.

David Sandberg, who wrote and stars in the original, fell short of its $1 million goal on Kickstarter to extend the short to a feature length film.

With over 40 million views and selected for the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes, Fassbender joins the returning Sandberg, who plays the title character, and David Hasselhoff, who also provided the song True Survivor for the original.

The original paid homage to 1980s with its over the top comedy, blending action clichés and martial arts. Set in 1985 Miami, the original follows Kung Fury, who got his superhuman kung fu powers after being struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra at the same time.

Cheesy vector graphics and time travel sends Kung Fury to the past where he battled Adolf Hitler, who also learned kung fu and rebranded himself, Kung Füher.

What will Fassbender play? A former master? A new villain? Given Fassbender’s past roles, it’s likely going to be the latter. The casting is intriguing given his reputation as a serious dramatic actor.

Perhaps Fassbender’s deadpan delivery is just what the film needs playing the comedy straight. Leslie Nielsen enjoyed a career renaissance in comedy following 1980’s Airplane! Prior to the film, Nielsen was known for his dramatic roles. He delivered his lines straight as Dr. Rumack. He vaulted to comedy superstardom in spoofs on TV and film starting with Police Squad!,  which was later adapted to The Naked Gun franchise.

Will the film have a similar affect on Fassbender’s career? While it’s hard to top the 1980’s classic from Jim Abrams, David and Jerry Zucker, perhaps it’s the kind of against type of role that can expand Fassbender’s repertoire in an already impressive resume.

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SOURCEThe Hollywood Reporter
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