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When Mark Hamill returned to the Star Wars franchise, he had a back story pictured in his mind for Luke Skywalker that’s not canonical, but it shows the dedication for the character’s mindset in The Last Jedi

Hamill spoke to Entertainment Weekly about of what is going through his head to prepare being an old, torn and weary Luke for the film.

“Actors like backstories. They want to know motivation and all those things, and it’s such a blank slate. You know, if you look at it intellectually, I realized that it’s not my story anymore and so what [Luke] did or did not do in the intervening years aren’t really important to the audience at this point, but I have to work it out for myself.”

Hamill has been associated and engrained with the character for so long, he’s learned to refer to himself and Luke interchangably.

While there has been the Expanded Universe to continue to remind fans how important Luke has been to the franchise, Disney has declared it non-canon much to the dismay of a portion of Star Wars fans and since reclassified as “Legends.”

Hamill conjured a past relationship with Luke after Return of the Jedi. Personal relationships are something strictly forbidden in the Jedi code.

“I wrote lots and lots of scenarios. I made notes that he fell in love with a woman who was a widow and had this young child. He left the Jedi to raise this young child and marry this woman and the child got hold of a lightsaber and accidentally killed himself.”

Luke Lightsaber a New Hope Mark Hamill
At least the safety was on that time?

While it may not be official, it does create a source of inspiration and an explantion to Luke why Luke might abandon his Jedi ways and hesitation to hold a lightsaber again.

“It’s nothing to do with the story, but when I think about gun violence and you read these tragic stories of kids getting hold of their parents’ guns and killing a sibling or themselves, I mean, I had to go to really dark places to get where Luke needed to be for this story.”

How much Hamill was told of what really happened remains to be seen as the story funnels in.

“I sort of tested out some of my ideas just to make sure I wasn’t in conflict with anything. He was really nurturing in that regard, encouraging me to find ways to justify the actions in this movie. But like I say, that little story I told about Luke leaving the Jedi and getting married, that’s not officially what happens.”

The events of The Force Awakens similar to the Expanded Universe sees Luke training a new generation of Jedi, but somehow, Kylo Ren, the former Ben Solo, betrayed his bretheren and killed them all, presumably. After the tragedy, we found Luke fleeing without specific explanation. We don’t know if Luke spent the better part of 30 years in Ahch-To, the planet Rey and Chewbacca fly the Millennium Falcon fly to at the conclusion of the film.

If he has been told what’s happening to his character, he’s certainly given us something to think about going into The Last Jedi.

The Last Jedi comes to theaters December 15.

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