JUSTICE LEAGUE #9 Review: A Lesson In Friendship

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Taking a look at Scott Snyder’s run on Justice League up to this point, the story has been insane, but Snyder has been laser-focused on the characters that make up the team.

Every member of the Justice League is flawed, but if you put all the broken pieces together, they become stronger than Super Metal. Snyder also teaches us how to be a better friend. Justice League #9 is oozing with respect. The battle of wits between Batman and Superman in this issue gave me hope for my country. I know this sounds extreme, but if we treat each other with respect, we can have a civilized debate, which then leads to solving problems. Superheroes are supposed to inspire you to be a better person, and Snyder pulls that off this week.

Justice League #9

When Justice League relaunched out of the New 52, everything about the universe seemed jarring. From the costumes to the attitudes, the heroes and the world were off. With Rebirth, Snyder has approached the Justice League relaunch differently. It feels like he has picked the best parts of every iteration of the Justice League to form his vision.

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Justice League #9 would have made a great Justice League Unlimited episode. The simple concept of the dorm rooms at the Hall Of Justice is ripe with visuals and vast with story potential. After reading this issue, you will feel slightly more attached to your favorite Justice League member, thanks to the Jorge Jimenez art. John Stewart is such a complex character, and you could analyze every aspect of where and how he sleeps. Snyder and Jimenez capture the complexity and simplicity of the characters with the utmost respect of who John Stewart is.

Justice League #9

Alejandro Sanchez colors a book that pops. Every action scene works because of Jimenez and Sanchez. Superman in space is an excellent example because the bright colors of his costume compared to the darkness of space. The use of grey and blue tones expand the depth of each panel. Then be prepared to be impressed with the Hawkgirl splash-page as the movement, attitude, and color punch you in the teeth.

Tom Napolitano has a tough battle lettering the psychic balloons of Superman and Batman. The recommendation for future issues would be to use a more significant contrast in colors or change the circles slightly for each character. During one panel I had to ask myself who was talking. A minor tweak would create a more immersive experience.

Overall, Justice League #9 is a mellow issue with a fantastic message. The sophisticated levels Snyder reaches is impressive as the casual reader can enjoy the book and the hardcore Justice League nerd can grab a glass of Scotch and appreciate the detail and story of each panel.

Is Justice League on your pull list? Comment below with your thoughts on the series so far.

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Justice League #9

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