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Marla Singer is about to deliver her second child, but the daddy isn’t her husband-it’s Tyler Durden. Check out what people are saying about FIGHT CLUB 3 #1! 

“Just when you thought the world was safe from Tyler Durden, he’s back for more mayhem.”—IGN, Top Comics to Buy This Week

“Whether you’ve been a fan since the ’90s or were hooked by the jump to comics, you’ll want to see what comes next in this highly unpredictable saga.”PASTE MAGAZINE (Ranked one of Paste’s Most Anticipated Comics of 2019)

“Exciting … one of the strongest debuts of 2019 so far.” COMICBOOK.COM

“Palahniuk’s work takes some of our greatest shortcomings—insufficient or inadequate parenting, toxic isolation— then magnifies and underlines them in fractured skulls and drunken vomit.” PLAYBOY

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“Scabby and surreal.”— DEADLINE

“The first rule of the comic book incarnation of Fight Club is that it’ll look good.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


“Chuck Palahniuk back to once again to throw his own social commentary on today’s societal behaviors.” EVERYTHING ACTION

“Bold…a story that makes the reader think not just about what’s going on but also about their own expectations of the archetypes portrayed in the story… All raising enough questions to leave us staring at every panel with the steely focus of a seasoned detective combing a crime scene for clues.” BIG COMIC PAGE

“Stewart continues to do the Fight Club saga justice with his artwork…flies and all.” ROGUES PORTAL

“The talent and care that went into this issue is palpable, from David Mack’s cover to Nate Piekos’ lettering. The entire team from FC2 are back to reprise their roles and each member’s passion for the project shows.”—Comic Watch

“Fight Club 3 is everything that a sequel to a sequel should be. It elevates the dark themes of the novel and the first graphic novel to the next illogical, insanely violent step.” COMICON.COM

The Best Comic Book Covers of January 2019: Fight Club 3 #1 and Fight Club 3 #1 Variant Cover Art by Duncan Fegredo—PASTE

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