Fan reaction to Rob Liefeld taking over 3 DC comics

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DC Comics announced that Rob Liefeld will take over three books in May, DEATHSTROKE, GRIFTER and THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN. All changes will got into effect with issue nine. Liefeld is going after the fanboy or girl in all of us with issue nine of DEATHSTROKE, where Slade Wilson faces off against Lobo. When ever Liefeld works on a book there is a fan reaction good or bad. The Comic Vault looked all over the inter-web to get the a well-rounded voice of the comic book readers universe.

“What the simple hell, DC? You just cancelled the book Liefeld was writing and drawing, presumably due to low sales. Now you give him 3 titles?!” Randy Field from Chicago via Facebook.

“You had me at LOBO. Yes!!” Johnny B via Comics Alliance.

“@robertliefeld Belated congrats on the HUGE announcement! My pull list just grew by a few more titles!” Brian Anderson from New England via twitter @dogeatdoug.

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“Great. Just great. Been really enjoying Deathstroke and Grifter up to now. Ah well, that’s that, then. Liefeld must have some pretty incriminating photos of the DC editorial staff, it’s the only explanation…” stegron via Bleeding Cool forum.

“DC already needs a new EIC. Liefeld isn’t the problem- Bob Harrass is the major problem.” Yolanda Diaz via Newsarama Facebook post.

“Liefeld’s style is perfect for Savage Hawkman. Been hoping for a Liefeld Hawkman run for years!” Martin Coulter via Newsarama Facebook post.

Liefeld will always be a polarizing personality in world of comic book and today is a perfect example of the crowd reaction.

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  1. I don’t get it. The appeal of Rob Liefeld ran out for me when I was twelve years old and he was still doing ads for Levis. His sense of pacing is terrible, his characters have the variety and emotional range of hacked tuna fish, and his idea of backgrounds, perspective, and anatomy consists of… well they aren’t there. I was reading Savage Hawkman and Deathstroke, but as soon as this guy starts drawing them (writing them?) I’m going to stop. And then they will be cancelled. I didn’t care if he was messing with Hawk and Dove, but my goodness, why does he keep getting work? Are twelve year olds and nostalgia freaks really that big on him? Sorry. I’ve rambled on this too much. Thanks.