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Accused Comic Artist Banned From MomoCon

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Comic artists like Joseph Bayer has set up his wares at regional conventions. Pictures taken of his booth show a gallery on display. The Daily Tar Heel refers to his style as “splatter grunge art, mix of impressionism and Pollock-style brushwork.”

For those unfamiliar with the Pollock-style, it was coined after Jackson Pollock who is known for his splash art. His method is unique when applying paint to canvas.

In the case of Bayer, his method was questionable. In fact, he’s been called out by those in social media who accuse him of taking original comic art work and altering them using a filter. An Imgur compilation of screen shots and Twitter dialogue gave way to an attempt to prove the comic book art vendor’s credibility.

Here’s a Photoshop video tutorial about how to use the dispersion effect on pictures. The outcome is much like Bayer’s products.

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Now, there’s been a reckoning. Bayer was removed from MomoCon for the remainder of the weekend when word got to convention showrunners.

“Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. This vendor will not be present at MomoCon for the remainder of the weekend. We appreciate your passion in keeping MomoCon great for all parties!”

Future conventions are making attempts to screen comic artists by determining their legitimacy. The Puerto Rico Comic Con plans on doing this and made a statement to Bleeding Cool:

“We take all the necessary measures to prevent this practice. Puerto Rico Comic Con did not “allow” this to happen. Every retailer is responsible for the compliance of their merchandise, and we will certainly follow up on this matter.”

There is also a movement to prevent Bayer from setting up at WV Pop in West Virginia and Shelby Comic Con.

Tony Smejek
Tony is fanatical about his geek pop-culture passion. He specializes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the DC Extended Cinematic Universe. When other shared universes start to jump on the band wagon, he may even push the envelope into those worlds as well.Sci-fi is yet another interest of his from TV franchises as well as epic films. He's also an 80s fan as well, partaking in dressing the part as a Ghostbuster or Spaceball character.Tony can be found at his local conventions, bumping elbows with celebrity guests, cosplay enthusiasts, and comic book artists.


  1. “PUERTO RICO COMIC CON CONDONES THE INAPPROPRIATE USE AND/OR SALE OF UNAUTHORIZED MATERIAL IN OUR AND ANY OTHER SHOW.” Glad to know they condone it. I’ll be sure to head over to the Con to sell some of my plagiarized art.