BLACK SCIENCE #34 Is A Masterpiece Of Chaos & Tragedy

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We conclude the second-to-last arc of Black Science in spectacular fashion. Massive reveals, fail-safes, and battles have been the key to this arc, there’s no shortage in issue thirty-four.

Black Science 34 car


This is really the first time we’ve seen our original Grant and Sara work together, which is crazy. Nate continues to really come into his own and continue his strong character journey.

The big shocking turn at the end is that the conversation Grant has been having, on that mysterious porch in the woods somewhere, is actually with his father. It’s a gut-wrenching conversation that ends with one last bid for tear shedding.

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As forgotten characters Doxta and Pia’s husband come back into the picture there’s a sense of fulfillment. This series has been a journey taken by both reader and creators.

I would give anything to sit in on a brainstorming session with Remender and Scalera. The aliens and creatures they come up with are so wildly different from each other and any other sci-fi property.

Remender really rewards readers that have stuck with the book. It’s a perfectly executed narrative and pace, playing cards at the best possible time. Black Science is top-to-bottom a masterpiece.

Is there a comic book that gives you more bang for your buck? The level of craft and dedication put into this series comes through clearly every issue. Every panel on every page is so carefully detailed and planned out that you could get lost for days just looking.

These characters are so flawed and fragile, it’s what makes them so easy to relate to. Their experiences are real for anyone without a perfect experience growing up.

Rick Remender crafts these outrageous landscapes and scenarios, and throws our brave, tragic heroes into them. Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio bring his vision to life in such a grand and unique way. No other science fiction book is consistently this mind-blowing and gorgeous for this long.

Black Science #34 is a perfect example of why this is one of the best comic books in the industry. On the surface there’s gigantic tapestries of gorgeous chaos to get lost in. At the core there’s a tragic tale of redemption that goes for the gut.

Brandon J. Griffin - Comic Book Critic
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