BLACK PANTHER Makes A Healthy Cosmic Landscape Even Healthier

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The cosmic frontier of Marvel’s 616 comic book universe has been having a slow-moving renaissance. Gerry Duggan’s Guardians Of The Galaxy and Infinity Countdown, along with Black Bolt and The Mighty Thor, have been leading the charge in making the cosmic side matter again. The new Black Panther series takes to the stars as well, Ta-Nehisi Coates looks to make a healthy landscape even healthier.

Black Panther 1 cvr



The Intergalactic Empire Of Wakanda gives Coates a fresh canvas, an opportunity to tell a different story. Right out of the gate, things are not only different for our hero, but also his supporting cast.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates’ run on Black Panther has been fantastic. This new path for him is sure to be a whole new monster narrative.

We’ve seen Black Panther in space before, but not like this. He’s stripped of his name and title before being thrown into a galactic mess that he’s got to find his way back to the throne.

This is the rare case where the movie success translates well into the comic books in two instances. The first being M’Baku and Nakia being T’Challa’s closest allies on his new space adventure. The other being that with multiple MCU cosmic successes (GOTG, Infinity War), Marvel and their talent are more willing to go cosmic.

The visual appeal of this issue is undeniable. Thrilling action sequences, flawlessly laid out, and stunning set pieces explode with color and tempo.

The art also does most of the heavy lifting story wise, T’Challa doesn’t have a whole lot to say. Daniel Acuña is an absolute show-stopper. He’s the driving force of this phenomenal introductory issue.

Black Panther #1 is a major home run every way you slice it. Top to bottom, it’s a dazzling spectacle. Ta-Nehisi Coates continues to build on his already impressive legacy at Marvel, this generates even more excitement for his upcoming Captain America as well.

Brandon J. Griffin - Comic Book Critic
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