The Brian Michael Bendis goodbye-tour is reaching its end at Marvel. This week, he bids farewell to one of his most crucial creations, Miles Morales. Spider-Man #240 concludes a long journey that Bendis has taken readers on from the start of Ultimate Spider-Man to now.

Spider-Man 240 cvr



After a nearly-fatal battle against his Uncle Aaron and his knockoff Sinister Six, Miles wakes up in a hospital. He’s in and out of consciousness, fighting off a strange virus. As he sleeps, a parade of his supporting characters marches through. Bendis’ final moment with Miles is a movie date with his best friend, Ganke.

As far as Bendis-says-goodbye issues, this was probably the weakest. The heart was in the right place, setting things straight with Miles and Ganke, but this issue feels a bit hollow.

Ever since officially joining the 616 Universe, Miles has been in need of a shake-up. This issue is a prime example of how little Spider-Man has mattered post-Secret Wars. Everything emotional beat and triumph Miles made in Ultimate Spider-Man was undone, with nothing of note happening afterwards.

The scene with Uncle Aaron carried no weight whatsoever; we get no closure on what started out as a promising bit of drama. The man responsible for Miles’ life as a superhero, the source of his tragic start to being Spider-Man, came back for no reason.

Brian Michael Bendis is one of the most influential comic book writers of the modern era, but he may have lingered too long this time. The well has been dry for some time; Miles Morales desperately needs a new voice.

While it’s nice to see all the familiar faces coming to see Spider-Man in the hospital, only the scene with Ganke carried any weight. The rest of these interactions were lifeless. Even his mentor, Peter Parker couldn’t be bothered to leave his web-hammock when Miles comes to.

Hopefully Miles doesn’t get shelved, he’s a character Marvel can’t afford to ignore. We appreciate Bendis’ contributions over the years, but it’s time to move on. Let’s get some new blood on a Spider-Man title now that Master Bendis has departed for DC.

The character deserves better, the time has come to pass the torch.