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TRAILER #2: MOWGLI Is The Netflix Version Of The Jungle Book

Mowgli stars Rohan Chand as the titular character who is a child literally raised wolves, a bear and a panther who must learn to...

TRAILER: MISSING LINK Features Hugh Jackman As A Myth Hunter

Missing Link is a star-studded stop-motion animation film about an investigator played by Hugh Jackman of myths trying to find the missing link (Zach...

TRAILER: BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS Tells A Quirky Coen Brothers Story

The Coen Brothers are back with another western only this time it’s not a gritty reimagining of a classic or a gritty modern take;...

TRAILER: BACK ROADS Connects Viewers To Betrayal And Murder

Back Roads is the debut film from director Alex Pettyfer who also plays the lead here in a film that’s been receiving rave reviews...
adam dorn-composer-enemies-showtime

INTERVIEW: Composer Adam Dorn Talks ENEMIES On Showtime And KICKBOXER Reboot

Adam Dorn is a jazz musician and composer behind shows like Showtime's Enemies, and documentaries like Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic and Robin Williams:...

TRAILER: SPIES IN DISGUISE Stars Will Smith And Tom Holland Saving The World

Spies in Disguise stars the voice of Will Smith as Lance Sterling, the world’s most awesome spy who has to team up with Walter,...

TRAILER #3: IRON SKY Sequel Brings Us More Nazis From The Moon

Iron Sky The Coming Race is the sequel to the cult action-comedy film from 2012 that featured Nazi from the moon, and things here...
north bend-comic book-review

North Bend #1 Review: Near-Future Sci-Fi Crime Story Is Start Of Something Big

"North Bend" is a near-future crime story from indie writer/creator Ryan Ellsworth that establishes a world not too different from our own then descends...

TEASER TRAILER: Henry Cavill is Geralt Of Rivia In THE WITCHER

The Witcher is a video game known for its open world exploration, intense combat, and having a gritty, Game of Thrones-level storyline full of...

TRAILER: DON’T WATCH THIS Horror Anthology On Netflix

Don’t Watch This is a new movie from Netflix that collects five short horror films into one ghoulishly fun film. The film is a collaboration...

INTERVIEW: ‘The Romanoffs’ Composers May Or May Not Be Romanoffs Themselves

The Romanoffs is an anthology television series that airs on Amazon Video about the possible, but most likely not, descendants of a royal Russian...


Haunting on Fraternity Row is an upcoming horror film that looks poised to blow the roof off when it comes to stuffing tropes into...

TRAILER: BETWEEN WORLDS Stars Nicholas Cage And Otherworldly Forces

Nicholas Cage stars in the horror film Between Worlds that has him facing supernatural forces after he saves the life of a young woman....
all light will end-horror-film-interview

INTERVIEW: Director Chris Blake Talks ALL LIGHT WILL END, Horror, And More

All Light Will End is an upcoming psychological horror film from director Chris Blake starring Andy Buckley (Jurassic World) and Sarah Butler (I Spit...

TRAILER #2: THE FRONT RUNNER Is A Juicy Role For Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is politician Gary Hart in The Front Runner, a film about Hart’s failed attempt to become United States president in 1988. Unsurprisingly,...

TRAILER: TIGER Is A Boxing Movie Featuring An Unrecognizable Mickey Rourke

Tiger stars Prem Singh as Pardeep Nagra, a religious man determined to be a great boxer with the help of a trainer played by Mickey...

TRAILER: THE HOLIDAY CALENDAR From Netflix Is Rom-Com Christmas Fun

The Holiday Calendar stars Kat Graham (Vampire Diaries) as a photographer who may or may not be wrapped up in a magical experience during...

TRAILER: THE PRODIGY Tick-Tocks Its Way To Terror

The Prodigy stars Jackson Robert Scott (Locke and Key, It) as a kid with some issues who is in the midst of working them...

TRAILER: CURSE OF LA LLORONA Adds More Terror To The Conjuring Universe

The Curse of La Llorona stars Lisa Cardellini as a social worker and single mother who comes face-to-face with an evil spirit focused on...

TRAILER: KID WHO WOULD BE KING Pits The Forces Of Evil Versus Kids

The Kid Who Would Be King stars Louis Serkis as Alex, a typical nerd who gets beat up from time to time who happens...