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Nick is a staff writer who enjoys all types of video games and reminiscing about past pinball experiences. As a gamer who has one arm, he also aspires to one day be cast in a live-action adaptation of Mega Man.

New WRECK-IT-RALPH 2 Trailer Makes Use Of Disney Owning Everything

When it comes to owning intellectual properties, Disney pretty much owns them all.  Leading moviegoers to wonder if we would see a movie where...

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Domestic Opening Falls Short Of $100 Million

Han Solo can claim the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs, however his movie is gonna need more time to make...

One Limb Left: Microsoft Gives Gamer’s With Disabilities Their Own Controller

There are 1 billion people (15% of the world’s population) who live with some form of a disability.  Steven Spohn is the COO of...

One Limb Left: Microsoft Needs Better Exclusive Content

As the number of days until E3 continue to count down like players during a round of Fortnite, excitement grows.  With each passing day, gamer's from...

Trailer For THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN Highlights Doomsday’s Arrival

When it comes to major events in comic books, many surround one major topic.  Death.  The most notable being the death of the "man...
video games

One Limb Left: When Is A Video Game Worth 100 Percent Completion?

When it comes to completing tasks in a video game, my attention mostly lies with the ones in the main story.  While I will...
Infinity War

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’s $640M Opening Weekend Is The Biggest Ever

While Thanos was collecting Infinity Stones over the weekend, Disney and Marvel were collecting money in record-breaking amounts.  Over the course of its opening...
Infinity War

SPOILERS – AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR End-Credits Scene Is A Call To The Meh Hotline

Unless you have a time stone, turn back now if you don't want Avengers: Infinity War spoiled for you.  I mean it.  If you have not...
release dates

One Limb Left: Respect The Release Date

When it comes to video games and their development, release dates seem to have taken a backseat to profit.  I understand publishers like Ubisoft...
God of War

GOD OF WAR Mid-Game Review: All I Can Say Is WOW

After a few hours of playing God Of War, one thing is apparent.  It is one of the deepest games I've ever played.  Also fatherhood...

Shatterstar Joins X-Force In Final Trailer For DEADPOOL 2

Thursday morning brought the release of the final trailer for Deadpool 2.  Laced between Deadpool's references to both the Marvel and DC cinematic universes...
Donkey Kong

Billy Mitchell’s DONKEY KONG Records Invalidated By Twin Galaxies

Billy Mitchell's reign as the first ever "King of Kong" is over.  An investigation by Twin Galaxies (an organization that has been recording high...
video games

One Limb Left: Video Games That Deserve A Remaster

When it comes to playing old video games, remasters have become the go to for reliving ones gaming past.  Last week's release of the...

One Limb Left: Top Five Controllers For Handicapped Gamers

When it comes to deciding which gaming console to buy, there are a few factors that go into my decision.  It has to have...
video games

One Limb Left: Are Movie Adaptations of Video Games Necessary?

When it comes to movie adaptations of video games they have been more of a miss than a hit.  While watching the Tomb Raider reboot last...

Epic Games Talks FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE And Its Move To Mobile

Last week Epic Games announced its smash hit game Fortnite Battle Royale was going mobile.  The move also came with an invite event allowing people to sign...
Tomb Raider

Review: TOMB RAIDER Picks Dull Exposition Over Thrilling Exploration

When you think of the Tomb Raider video game reboot, what do you think of?  For me, it's a series that tells a coming of age...
Tomb Raider

Square Enix Confirms SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER, Release Date

When it comes to leaks and rumors, many surrounding Square Enix hit the internet this week.  This morning the developer and publisher made them...
Jessica Jones

Spoiler Review: Season 2 Of JESSICA JONES Has Too Many Episodes

A week has passed since the release of season two of Jessica Jones on Netflix.  Last week's spoiler-free review discussed its structure.  Now let's discuss in full detail...

One Limb Left: Mr. Sony, Tear Down This Digital Wall!

As more and more gamers take their talents and passion for gaming online, cross-play has become more and more important.  Over the weekend Epic...