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Under intense scrutiny by the Temporal Authorities, I was coerced into actualizing my capsule in this causality loop. Through no fault of my own, I am marooned on this dangerous yet lovely level-four civilization.Stranded here, I have spent most of my time learning what I can of the social norms and oddities of the Terran species, including how to properly use the term "Hipster" and how to perform a "perfect pour."Under the assumed name of "Michael Bedford," I have completed BA's with specialized honours in both theatre studies and philosophy, and am currently saving up for enough galactic credits to buy a new--or suitably used--temporal contextualizer ... for a friend.

Outlander: The Hunt for Red Ian – Thoughts on Season 3 So Far

Because Outlander focuses so much of its plot on Claire and Jamie’s relationship, it was probably inevitable that their time together following their reunion...
Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery – Thoughts on The First Nine Episodes

Following an action-packed mid-season finale on November 12th, Star Trek: Discovery is on break until January 7th, 2018. The show’s first nine episodes introduced...
Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery – One More Episode Until Its Mid-Season Break

Star Trek: Discovery has had a controversial start. With its odd take on the appearance of the Klingons and moody interpretation of humanity’s future,...

Lethe – An Illogical Family Dispute in Star Trek: Discovery

This week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery entitled Lethe, after the river of forgetfulness of Greek myth, showed viewers a lot but continued to suffer...
Choose Your Pain

Choose Your Pain – Star Trek: Discovery, Episode 5

With Choose Your Pain, viewers are now 1/3 through Star Trek: Discovery’s debut season. Beyond the very odd-looking Klingons and the proliferation of artificial...
Hamilton Comic Con

Celebrities and Cosplay: Thoughts on Hamilton Comic Con 2017

Back at the beginning of October, Hamilton-area pop-culture fans converged on the Canadian Warplane and Heritage Museum in Mount Hope to flip through back...
Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery – Establishing a Narrative and Defining Roles

Well with its third and fourth episodes, Star Trek: Discovery’s prologue gave way to the show’s recurring narrative. Viewers now have a sense of...
All Debts Paid

Outlander Season 3: All Debts Paid – Mac Dubh’s Escape

Doing battle with the series premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, the third episode of Outlander’s third season, All Debts Paid, aired on Sunday. Viewers...
Michael Burnham

Star Trek: Discovery – An Odd Start for Cmdr. Michael Burnham

September 24th, 25th if you live outside of North America, showed anxious Trekkies a glimpse of what Star Trek: Discovery’s creative team has up...
Discovery Premiere

The Star Trek: Discovery Premiere at Hollywood’s Arclight Cinerama Dome

Well, the world premiere of Star Trek: Discovery came and went. Cast, crew, and high-profile fans of the CBS’s latest iteration of Star Trek...

Outlander Season 3: Surrender – Let’s All Give Fergus a Big Hand

Outlander’s third season premiere, The Battle Joined, gave viewers a sense of what to look forward to. A separated Claire and Jamie showed their...
“The Battle Joined”

Outlander Season 3: “The Battle Joined” – Impressions Of A New Season

Outlander Season 3 premiered with lots of action and the birth of a character that viewers met during the finale of Season 2. Written...
Len Wein

From Swamp Thing to Wolverine: The Wild Mind of Len Wein

As reported by Monkeys Fighting Robots’ very own Aric Sweeny, the world of comic books lost a seminal figure last weekend. On September 10th,...

A Klingon in Her Own Words – Mary Chieffo Discusses Discovery

With their US release date of September 24th approaching, CBS has already shown off a great deal of promotional material for its newest iteration...
Thor's hammer

The DC Origin of Thor’s Hammer: Digging Through Jack Kirby’s Recycling

During his exceptional career, Jack Kirby co-created some of the most enduring superheroes, including a number of Marvel Comics favourites like Captain America, the...
Captain Cold

The Flash in 1957: The Frosty Origin of Captain Cold

Stories about heroes need villains and stories about superheroes need super-villains. But beyond simply being somebody to punch out, a memorable super-villain should stand...
Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby: Krackling into the Unknown in the Late 1950s

Jack Kirby co-created some of the most enduring characters that Marvel Comics, or its predecessors Timely or Atlas, has published. Not satisfied with co-creating...
Mad & Noisy

Mad & Noisy Brewing’s Lagered Ale – An Unlawful Review

Perhaps following the macro-breweries’ example, it seems that independent brewers are also expanding. Creemore Springs Brewery, a subsidiary of Molson since 2005, recently added...
Louis Cifer Brew Works

Louis Cifer Brew Works: Thai-PA – Thoughts on a 5-Day-Old Growler

I went to Louis Cifer Brew Works in Toronto last week. With their own and other brews on tap, they provided both good food...

HopBot IPA from Hop City Brewing Company – A Computerized Review

Hop City Brewing Company, previously the Niagara Falls Brewing Company until it was purchased in 2004 by Moosehead, has won a few awards since...