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I’m obsessed with all areas of film and pop-culture, whether that’s a hidden world of witches and wizards, a universe filled with superheroes or a galaxy far, far away.
DC Rebirth

DC Rebirth: Beloved DC Comics Character Returns In Superman #6

WARNING - Spoilers For Superman Rebirth #6 Below In the latest issue of Superman Rebirth, a major supporting character returned to DC Comics. Written by Peter...
Doctor Strange

Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Will Land In UK Theatres Earlier Than Expected

If you're in the UK then congratulations, you'll get to see Marvel's Doctor Strange a whole 10 days earlier than fans in the United States....
Booster Gold

Planned Booster Gold Movie Won’t Exist In The DC Extended Universe

Like it or hate it the DC Extended Universe is bringing some of our favourite comic book characters together, but maybe not all of...
The Crow

‘The Crow’ Reboot Set To Film In January 2017 With Jason Momoa

It looks like a reboot of The Crow is finally happening. According to a new report from The Wrap Justice League star Jason Momoa...

‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ Images Reveal Green Arrow Crossover

With the premiere dates for our favourite superhero movies just around the corner, The CW has released a bunch of new images from the...

Stephen Amell Discusses Re-Casting Of Green Arrow In DCEU

It was a controversial choice for the DC Extended Universe to re-cast characters that were already appearing on television. Fans reacted with amaze and...
Jon Favreau - Spider-Man: Homecoming

Jon Favreau Will Return In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

The cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming just gets better and better. According to Variety Iron Man director Jon Favreau will reprise his role as Happy, Tony...
Doctor Starnge

New ‘Doctor Strange’ Featurette Introduces Key Characters

Captain America: Civil War is now available for digital download, meaning all those great special features have been set free. Among deleted scenes, and...

‘Supernatural’ Season 12: First Images Reveal A Tortured Sam

TV Line has revealed a bunch of new images from the Supernatural season 12 premiere. The Winchester brothers have a lot to deal with when Supernatural returns...

Why We Should Be Excited About A Younger Spider-Man

Spider-Man hasn't had a great deal of cinematic success. After two reboots, and five solo movies it looks like we're finally getting the definitive portrayal of...

5 Actors Who Could Play Deathstroke In The Batman Solo Movie

It's happening. Deathstroke is joining the DC Extended Universe. Earlier today Ben Affleck revealed the cinematic existence of Deathstroke with a cryptic video. The clip showed...

This Is What Thor Was Doing During ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Ever wonder where the Thor was during Captain America: Civil War? This hilarious mockumentary answers all of our questions.Marvel Studios officially released the mockumentary, which was...

Steve Rogers Is No Longer Captain America In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

When Steve Rogers dropped his shield in Captain America: Civil War he was giving up more than we thought. The Huffington Post recently caught up...
Spider-Man + Captain America

Why Captain America Needs To Appear In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

With Spider-Man now existing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are plenty of opportunities for him to interact with other superheroes. Tony Stark will...