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Josh is a writer and a lover of The Simpsons, Monty Python, The State, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, and Preacher. He spends probably too much time reading and has lately been attempting to eat the occasional vegetable, with limited success.

Preacher Feature: Damsels

Preacher Feature is a weekly analysis of the AMC show Preacher based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and...
Cassidy Blowtorch

Preacher Feature: Mumbai Sky Tower

Preacher Feature is a weekly analysis of the AMC show Preacher based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and...
BMM5 Cover

Review: ‘The Black Monday Murders’ Issue 5

Cover As you can see above, the cover is both beautiful and eerie.  I'm unclear though as to how exactly it relates to the story....
Preacher Cover 2

Preacher Feature: On the Road

A Word About Spoilers: Preacher Feature is a weekly analysis of the AMC show Preacher based on the comic book of the same name by Garth...
BMM Dumas

Money, Murder, and Mammon: ‘The Black Monday Murders’ Vol. 1

Are you looking for something different in the world of comic books?  Have you had enough of capes and masks to last you for years?...
Oh Hello

Oh, Hello on Broadway is Hilarious, Like Nothing Else

When I first heard that Oh, Hello was being made into a Broadway show, and again when I heard that the aforementioned Broadway show was...

The Hard Road to the Big Easy: Preacher Trailer #3

We're now less than a month away from the season 2 premiere of Preacher and AMC has dropped another trailer on us.  The trailer gives...

Unrepentant Badass: A Look at my Favorite Clint Eastwood Movie Moments

Clint Eastwood, who turns 87 today, has had one of the most storied careers in Hollywood history. As an actor, he's given iconic performances...
John C Reilly

Happy Birthday to John C Reilly, Comedic Titan

John C Reilly, instantly recognizable by his curly mane and square face, has already had a career unlike any other in Hollywood.  In honor...
AD Hand

Netflix Hands Us Fifth Season of Arrested Development

Fire up the Cornballer, adjust your Fakeblock settings, and trade in that Homefill for a real TV because Arrested Development is returning for a...
Preacher Cover

What I’m Looking Forward to in Season 2 of Preacher

The first season of AMC's Preacher was a spectacular, twisted kick to the face that managed to capture the tone of the comic books...
Hitler's Dog

Laugh at Death with Norm MacDonald

May is a fantastic month for stand-up comedy on Netflix.  Last month, when I saw the line-up, I knew it was stacked, but the...

Five Favorite Films From The Year I Was Born – 1981

In getting ready to write this article, I discovered something about myself: I'm not a big fan of movies from the year I was...

What to Do When Your Team Loses

Losses can be painful and can lead to anger. We need look no further back than the previous few weeks to see this. Ohio...

The Worst Gameday Promotions in Baseball History

All baseball fans love a good promotion. Whether it’s Justin Verlander Bobble-Head Day, Get Your Picture Taken with the Mascot Day or Free Hot...