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Why ANNIHILATION Is The Most Refreshing Film In Recent History

Hollywood lives and dies by the blockbuster. Sadly, plenty of them lack originality. It seems that for making a profit, the majority of producers repeat the same formula over and over. From time to time, we witness a rara avis. The peculiar specimen we discuss in this article is Annihilation.

5 Cinematic Gems From The Past 10 Years That Failed At The Box Office

Some movies become blockbusters having a questionable quality, whereas some other fail spectacularly in the box office despite having a marvelous quality. Here are...

JUSTICE LEAGUE: 266 Days Later The Wound Has Yet To Heal

Justice League premiered on November 13, 2017, in Los Angeles, and it was meant to unite all the heroes of DC Comics. 266 days later, the 'what might have been' wound has yet to heal.
Star Wars

12 Filmmakers Who Would Make An Epic STAR WARS Movie

The Star Wars saga is alive and kicking as it has never been before. A new trilogy is coming up, and other spin-offs are...

Are The Golden Days Of Sci-Fi Gone?

If you take a glance at the movie posters at your local theater, Disney and Marvel dominate, followed by The Rock, as the rest...