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Comic book reader, reviewer and critic. Waiting patiently for the day they announce 'Doctor Who on The Planet of the Apes'.
Cover Art Work Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Review: BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #1 Slaying Us All Over Again

BOOM! Studios are taking us back to the very beginning for their new Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic, re-imaging the characters and the story.Everybody has...
Art from The Avant-Guards issue 1

Review: Standing Out With THE AVANT-GUARDS #1

Following on from a string of popular sporting themed comics, The Avant-Guards, published by BOOM! Studios, is a teen drama centered around a basketball...
Dark Horse Comics Aliens Comic

Review: A New Fight For Survival Begins In ALIENS: RESISTANCE #1

Acting as a sequel to the computer game Alien: Isolation and to the 12-part mini-series Aliens: Defiance, Aliens: Resistance see’s the return of several...
Marvel Comics Black Widow

BLACK WIDOW #1 Review: Back From The Dead And Looking For Action

Black Widow has had a difficult few years and, although being killed and reborn in a clone’s body may be par for course for...
Doctor Who

Review: Dramatic Adventures With DOCTOR WHO: THE THIRTEENTH DOCTOR #3

The new TARDIS crew find themselves embroiled in the greed and dastardly actions of a privileged, rich, Alien life form whose behavior does not...
The Spider King IDW Publishing

Review: Evil Lurks In The Pages Of THE SPIDER KING: FROSTBITE

Continuing on from IDW’s monthly series The Spider King, this new one-shot follows the central band of misfits as they journey on to new...
Murder Falcon Image Comics

Review: MURDER FALCON #4 Unleashes Demons And Metal Upon The World

In Image Comics' music and fantasy inspired Murder Falcon, the creators have managed to recreate the experience of listening to heavy metal music in...
The Power of the Dark Crystal

Review: Expanding The World With THE POWER OF THE DARK CRYSTAL Volume 1

The Power of the Dark Crystal Volume 1 collects the first third of the magical journey into a familiar world wrought with new dangers....
Cover Art detail

Review: THE EMPTY MAN #3 Brings Violence To The Streets

What do you do if you are breaking the law and the violent mob are at the door? Run and hide or fight to...
Go-Bots cover art

Review: Robots Strike Back In GO-BOTS #2

The rebellion has begun and the Go-Bots go head to head to destroy, or save, their human creators. When the violence ends and the...
Cold Spots #5 Image Comics

Review: Unsettling Hauntings In The Climax of COLD SPOTS #5

The final issue of Cullen Bunn and Mark Torres’ horror comic Cold Spots sends a shiver down your spine while revealing who is really...