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David DeCorte covers comic book, entertainment, pop culture, and business news for multiple outlets. He is also a sci-fi writer, and is currently working on his first full-length book. Originally from San Diego, he now lives in Tampa.
Batman #67

Review: BATMAN #67 is One Long, Story-Free Chase Scene

Bruce is still trapped in his dreams in Batman #67. A masked figure leads Batman on an action-packed chase sequence, racing from the top...
Meet the Skrulls #2

Review: MEET THE SKRULLS #2 is Masterful Storytelling

The Warner family advances their plans for conquest of Earth in Meet the Skrulls #2. This latest issue takes everything that worked in the...
The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1

Review: MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #1 Reestablishes a Fan Favorite

Fan-favorite Kamala Khan is back in The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1, a new solo title from Marvel. Already, the new series’ creators promise some...
Calamity Kate #1

Review: CALAMITY KATE #1 Brings the Monster-Bashing Action

Ever felt like you need a fresh start in life? Maybe a new career or a change of scenery? The titular character in Calamity...
Red Sonja #2

Review: There’s a New Queen in Town with RED SONJA #2

Red Sonja #2 continues the new adventures of everyone’s favorite redhead barbarian warrior with great action, quality artwork, and even some understated comedy.Now the...
Meet the Skrulls #1

Review: MEET THE SKRULLS #1 is a Family Spy Story Done Right

What happens when you take a 90s-style family sitcom, but switch out the charming, all-American family for Skrull invaders, and the day-to-day tribulations for...
Batman #66

Review: BATMAN #66 Sees Bruce Still Trapped in a Nightmare

With the Batman/Flash crossover event The Price concluded, Batman #66 returns to the Knightmares story arc, dragging Bruce back into an endless string of...
Detective Comics #999

Review: DETECTIVE COMICS #999 is Everything Great About Batman

In case you weren't aware, one of DC's flagship titles is about to hit a milestone (after all, it's where the name "DC" comes...
Oliver #2

Review: OLIVER #2 Develops Whitta’s Apocalyptic Parable

Oliver #2 picks up two years after the events of our last issue. The titular character continues growing at an accelerated rate, now nearly...
Heroes in Crisis #6

Review: HEROES IN CRISIS #6 Reveals Who Attacked Sanctuary

After a revealing twist and Clark Kent’s epic speech in the last issue’s end, Heroes in Crisis #6 opts to take a slower, more...
Batman #65

[Review] The Price is Paid in BATMAN #65

“If you could have any superpower, which one would you pick?” It’s a question people often ask as an ice breaker. You may also...
Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #1

[Review] SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #1 is Space Western Action at its Finest

Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #1 kicks off a new six-issue limited run from writer Mark Millar. The series, set to be adapted into a...
Astro Hustle #1

[Review] Dig the Deep-Space Disco of ASTRO HUSTLE #1

As you flip through the pages of Astro Hustle #1, it’s hard to avoid hearing the opening strains of Meco’s disco-drenched reworking of John...
Detective Comics #998

[Review] DETECTIVE COMICS #998 is Fun, but Distracts from Larger Narrative

Picking up from the last page of the previous issue, Detective Comics #998 provides a twist in the story of the mysterious attacks against...
Batman #64

[Review] Batman and The Flash Deal With Mutual Trauma in BATMAN #64

How do heroes keep moving when they can’t protect those closest to them? How do you reassure people things will be okay when you...
Female Furies #1

[Review] FEMALE FURIES #1 Aims to Smash the Apokoliptian Patriarchy

Female Furies #1 kicks off a new six-issue limited run focused on the fanatically-loyal Apokoliptian fighting squad. At the book’s core, though, is a...
Vindication #1

[Review] VINDICATION #1 Has More Cop Drama Than Commentary

Vindication #1 introduces readers to a story with all the makings of a traditional police procedural.When a black man is exonerated by DNA evidence...
Detective Comics #997

[Review] DETECTIVE COMICS #997 is a Fun Action Story in Classic Style

Batman’s forced to run the gauntlet of escape artist tropes in Detective Comics #997. The monster hunting down Bruce Wayne’s mentors over the last...
Journey into Unknown Worlds #1

[Review] Get Spooky with JOURNEY INTO UNKNOWN WORLDS #1

Continuing Marvel’s 80th anniversary celebration, Journey into Unknown Worlds #1 offers up two short-but-sweet sci-fi creepers.In our first story, Bones of the Earth, a...
Wyrd #1

[Review] WYRD #1 Introduces Dark Horse’s New Undying Detective

Wyrd #1 introduces readers to Pitor Wyrd, a seemingly-immortal paranormal agent. Described by Dark Horse as “James Bond meets The X-Files,” the Feds call-in...