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David DeCorte covers comic book, entertainment, pop culture, and business news for multiple outlets. He is also a sci-fi writer, and is currently working on his first full-length book. Originally from San Diego, he now lives in Tampa.
Detective Comics #998

[Review] DETECTIVE COMICS #998 is Fun, but Distracts from Larger Narrative

Picking up from the last page of the previous issue, Detective Comics #998 provides a twist in the story of the mysterious attacks against...
Batman #64

[Review] Batman and The Flash Deal With Mutual Trauma in BATMAN #64

How do heroes keep moving when they can’t protect those closest to them? How do you reassure people things will be okay when you...
Female Furies #1

[Review] FEMALE FURIES #1 Aims to Smash the Apokoliptian Patriarchy

Female Furies #1 kicks off a new six-issue limited run focused on the fanatically-loyal Apokoliptian fighting squad. At the book’s core, though, is a...
Vindication #1

[Review] VINDICATION #1 Has More Cop Drama Than Commentary

Vindication #1 introduces readers to a story with all the makings of a traditional police procedural.When a black man is exonerated by DNA evidence...
Detective Comics #997

[Review] DETECTIVE COMICS #997 is a Fun Action Story in Classic Style

Batman’s forced to run the gauntlet of escape artist tropes in Detective Comics #997. The monster hunting down Bruce Wayne’s mentors over the last...
Journey into Unknown Worlds #1

[Review] Get Spooky with JOURNEY INTO UNKNOWN WORLDS #1

Continuing Marvel’s 80th anniversary celebration, Journey into Unknown Worlds #1 offers up two short-but-sweet sci-fi creepers.In our first story, Bones of the Earth, a...
Wyrd #1

[Review] WYRD #1 Introduces Dark Horse’s New Undying Detective

Wyrd #1 introduces readers to Pitor Wyrd, a seemingly-immortal paranormal agent. Described by Dark Horse as “James Bond meets The X-Files,” the Feds call-in...
Crypt of Shadows #1

[Review] CRYPT OF SHADOWS #1 Pays Tribute to Classic Horror Comics

Horror has always been an integral part of the Marvel brand. Whether it’s one of the pre-Comics Code creepers, or the widely-popular Marvel Zombies...
Batman #63

[Review] BATMAN #63 Gives Bruce His Happily Ever After…or Does it?

What if the wedding of The Bat and The Cat had turned out differently? Batman #63 seems to give Bruce Wayne his happily ever after, with...
Oliver #1

[Review] OLIVER #1 Brilliantly Reimagines the Dickens Classic

There’s no shortage of stories out there taking a well-known tale and giving it a modern veneer. Actually, we have a number of books...
Detective Comics #996

[Review] The Hunter Becomes the Hunted in DETECTIVE COMICS #996

Leslie Thompkins. Alfred Pennyworth. And now, Henri Ducard. In Detective Comics #996, we discover all of them and more are being targeted for one...
Invaders #1

[Review] INVADERS #1 Opens a Complex Story of Friendship and Trauma

With Invaders #1, Marvel harkens back to its legacy of World War II-era characters including Captain America, Namor, and others. Brought forward into the...
Martian Manhunter #2

[Review] MARTIAN MANHUNTER #2 Examines J’onn’s Past

Deconstruction may prove to be the trend that will define this period of comic book history. We’ve recently had Tom King’s run on Mister...
Batman #62

[Review] King & Gerads Reunite for BATMAN #62

After the segue provided in the previous issue, Batman #62 delves back into the broader narrative of King’s story.Coming off the conclusion of their...
Captain Marvel #1

[Review] CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 Offers Strong Art, Clunky Story

Carol Danvers is back in Captain Marvel #1, the double-sized debut issue of her new solo title. Returning from her year-long sabbatical outlined in...
Detective Comics #995

[Review] Bruce’s Family is Under Attack in DETECTIVE COMICS #995

Peter J. Tomasi and Doug Mahnke don’t pull any punches with Detective Comics #995. Without giving away too much, one of the people closest...
Man Without Fear #1

[Review] Daredevil Explores the Nature of Fear in MAN WITHOUT FEAR #1

Matt Murdock is “The Man Without Fear.” At least, that’s how he thinks of himself. But can anyone ever truly be without fear? Can...
The Life of Captain Marvel #5

[Review] THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #5 is a Masterpiece

I can’t decide whether I’m lucky or unlucky to review The Life of Captain Marvel #5. I went in with high expectations for the...
Batman #61

[Review] BATMAN #61 Sees the Waynes Avenged…Or Are They?

Batman #61 retells of perhaps the most thoroughly-covered event in comics history: the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Only this time, the investigation...
Spider-Geddon #5

[Review] SPIDER-GEDDON #5 is a Frantic, Yet Fitting Finale

Spider-Geddon #5 presents the culmination of the year’s big Spider-event. The Inheritors and the Spider-army faceoff for a climactic battle, with ramifications that will...