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A comic book nerd and reviewer with a special interest in the underlying themes of superhero, sci-fi and fantasy stories. He enjoys writing for Monkeys Fighting Robots, Pop Culture and Theology and other publications.
SHAZAM! struck by lightning

Review: SHAZAM! #2 Takes Us On a Trip to the Funlands

The second installment of Geoff Johns' SHAZAM! series expands on the themes of family established in the previous issue. We're given a deeper look...
doctor victor von doom

Review: THE FANTASTIC FOUR #6 Shows Us the Best of Marvel’s First Family

Dan Slott's reforming of The Fantastic Four in THE FANTASTIC FOUR #6 is blazing ahead at full speed. In the previous issue, Ben Grimm,...
Kismet: Man of Fate

Review: KISMET: MAN OF FATE Brings Back an Old Hero to Tackle New Problems

After over 70 years of silence, Kismet: Man of Fate has finally returned to comic books. The updated edition from A Wave New World places...
God in the Green Lantern corps

Review: THE GREEN LANTERN #3: Hal Meets God?

Fans of Green Lantern stories from the '80s love Grant Morrison's new run. The unique artwork and police crime drama elements bring us a...
wolverine long night cover art

Review: WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT #1 – A Murder Mystery Worthy of Logan

Wolverine: The Long Night, the first scripted podcast produced by Marvel, has finally come to the comic book medium. WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT #1...
Stranger Things #4 cover

STRANGER THINGS #4 – The Lingering Effects of Depression

Fans of the Stranger Things franchise across the globe have been enjoying Dark Horse's recent series of the same name. The art and story...
holiday Deadpool

Review: SEASONS BEATINGS #1 Gets Us in the Holiday Spirit…Deadpool Style

SEASONS BEATINGS is a one-shot series giving readers a holiday story with all the zany flavors of Deadpool. Corny and downright incoherent at times,...

Review: Shifting Paradigms in PLANET OF THE APES: THE SIMIAN AGE #1

Fans of the award-winning Planet of the Apes franchise will be excited to pick up the one-shot series PLANET OF THE APES: THE SIMIAN...

Review: PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #313 – Peter’s Dance With Morlun

If you've been following the events of Spider-Geddon, you're aware Morlun of the Inheritors escaped from his prison and tracked down Peter Parker to exact...