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A comic book nerd and reviewer with a special interest in the underlying themes of superhero, sci-fi and fantasy stories. He enjoys writing for Monkeys Fighting Robots, Pop Culture and Theology and other publications.
dungeons and dragons a darkened wish cover art

Review: DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: A DARKENED WISH #1 Explores The Forgotten Realms

IDW is bringing the Forgotten Realms to the world of comics in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: A DARKENED WISH #1. These locales, made famous through...
Conan joins the Avengers

Review: Conan The Barbarian Joins The Action In AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME #6

After escaping with one of the soul shards in issue #5, the Scarlet Witch found herself in the middle of a desert, blinded, and...

Review: THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS: THE GRIM KNIGHT #1 Shows Us Batman with Guns

We were introduced to the murderous Batman Who Laughs in DC's DARK NIGHTS: METAL event when he attempted to wreck the Multiverse. This alternate...
DARK ARK #15 cover art

Review: DARK ARK #15 Finds A New Demonic Sorcerer

DARK ARK #15 picks up after shortly after the mysterious Hunter attack on the Dark Ark and the kidnapping of many of its occupants,...
Green Lantern #5 main cover

Review: GREEN LANTERN #5 And The Fear Of Losing Oneself

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps have spent most of Grant Morrison's run fighting valiantly against the evil Blackstar militia group. But a...
Ronin Island cover artwork

Review: RONIN ISLAND #1 And Why We’re Stronger Together

The creative minds of Greg Pak and Giannis Milonogiannis have introduced RONIN ISLAND, an engaging story centered on a group of displaced peoples from...
Book s of Magic #5 cover artwork

Review: BOOKS OF MAGIC #5 Shows The Beauty Of Perspective

BOOKS OF MAGIC #5 takes readers into the fantastical world of The Dreaming as Timothy Hunter explores the realms of magic. He's still learning...
Batman Beyond #29 cover artwork

Review: History Repeats Itself In BATMAN BEYOND #29

BATMAN BEYOND #29 brings "The Final Joke" story arc to its thrilling conclusion. Reappearing after being presumed dead, The Joker kidnaps Terry McGinnis' younger...
INCURSION cover art

Review: INCURSION #1 Opens the World of the Dead

Valiant Comics is diving into the world of the dead with their new limited series INCURSION. The first of this four-part story introduces us...
Black Widow #2 cover

Review: Natasha Takes on Live Stream Torture in BLACK WIDOW #2

Jen and Sylvia Soska's new run on Black Widow is shaping up to be one of the hero's most intense stories yet. Recently revived...
TMNT #91 cover

Review: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #91 Shuffles Up the Foot Clan’s Future

IDW's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES series has had its fair share of surprises. Most recently, we've seen Master Splinter take over as leader of...
Superman #8 cover

Review: The Existential Despair of the House of El in SUPERMAN #8

After SUPERMAN #7 brought Jon Kent back from his space excursion with grandfather Jor-El, readers have been waiting anxiously to learn what happened during...
The Immortal Hulk #13 cover art

Review: THE IMMORTAL HULK #13 – A Gamma-Filled Fight in Hell

Al Ewing has been crafting a truly haunting horror series with THE IMMORTAL HULK comic line. We’ve seen the fantastically written journey of Gamma...
captain america under arrest

Review: CAPTAIN AMERICA #7 Shows Us What the Shield Stands For

The popular story told in the Secret Empire event continues to have incredible impact on Marvel's current Captain America run. Ta-Nehisi Coates has found a way to...
Justice League Annual #1

Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE ANNUAL #1 – The End of the Multiverse?

After the huge success of DC Comics' Dark Nights: Metal series, it's hard to imagine the publisher reaching new heights so soon. But JUSTICE LEAGUE...
SHAZAM! struck by lightning

Review: SHAZAM! #2 Takes Us On a Trip to the Funlands

The second installment of Geoff Johns' SHAZAM! series expands on the themes of family established in the previous issue. We're given a deeper look...
doctor victor von doom

Review: THE FANTASTIC FOUR #6 Shows Us the Best of Marvel’s First Family

Dan Slott's reforming of The Fantastic Four in THE FANTASTIC FOUR #6 is blazing ahead at full speed. In the previous issue, Ben Grimm,...
Kismet: Man of Fate

Review: KISMET: MAN OF FATE Brings Back an Old Hero to Tackle New Problems

After over 70 years of silence, Kismet: Man of Fate has finally returned to comic books. The updated edition from A Wave New World places...
God in the Green Lantern corps

Review: THE GREEN LANTERN #3: Hal Meets God?

Fans of Green Lantern stories from the '80s love Grant Morrison's new run. The unique artwork and police crime drama elements bring us a...
wolverine long night cover art

Review: WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT #1 – A Murder Mystery Worthy of Logan

Wolverine: The Long Night, the first scripted podcast produced by Marvel, has finally come to the comic book medium. WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT #1...